Root,unroot and Install CWM Recovery tool on Sony Xperia J

Article by Ion

If you want to install a new custom ROM firmware on the Sony Xperia J, in this case you need first to root your device and after that to install a custom recovery image on it. These steps are required and are prerequisites if you’re looking forward to flashing a custom ROM on Xperia J for improving its performances and customizing its looks.  During the present tutorial,  you will learn how to root and after that (unroot – in the case is necessary), install CWM recovery image on the Xperia J smartphone.

install CWM recovery

First step that you need to do in case you want to install a custom recovery image is that you need to gain root access on the Xperia J device.  That’s why in our tutorial, first we will teach you how to root the Sony Xperia J and after you successfully root the device, we will show you how to replace the official recovery with a CWM recovery image, and on the end of the present tutorial we will teach you how to unroot the Xperia J device and to download and install the official Android firmware.

The root action isn’t an officially guide from Sony, and for that you need to know that the root operation is complex and risky, and when you gain the root access the warranty for the Sony Xperia J device will get void and such as you probably know a rooted device won’t be able to receive and install official OTA updates, and if you’ll want to install theme you need to do that manually.

The warranty can be restored anytime if you’ll un-root your device and you’ll install an official Android OS on it. As I said on the first paragraph, we will present you the un-root step by step guide at the end of this tutorial, in case you want to reinstall a stock Android OS and to reinstall the factory restrictions and the boot-loader relocked.

A CWM custom recovery tool must to be flashed if you want to install on the Xperia J device custom ROM firmware, to perform backups, hard reset operations, to do optimizations and personal customizations and more.

So this step by step guide is especially presented to flash CWM recovery custom image on the Sony Xperia J device, but during the next steps we will present the root tutorial that is required to be applied first, and on the last section we will teach you a step by step un-root guide in case you want to apply an official Android OS on your device.

Before to move at the step by step guides, some prerequisites are required to be applied first.  So, make sure you don’t skip any step from below:

  • First you have to back-up all the Xperia J data because your data it might wiped out or corrupted. Ensure that you are backup all of the data stored on the internal storage memory of the Sony Xperia J might get deleted.
  • After the root rights are obtained and the CWM recovery will be installed on your device you will be able to get apply complex backup actions and with this custom recovery image tool you can make Nandroid backups.
  • A computer and the smartphone’s USB cable will be necessary during guides’ process.
  • Uninstall or disable all the security tools that are running on both device and on the PC like antivirus, firewalls protection, antimalware programs and so on.
  • Now, enable USB debugging option from the next path:  “Settings -> More -> Development Options -> USB debugging”.
  • Make sure that the device’s battery has enough power left level, the level of charge have to be more than 70 % power left, if not your device can get a forced power off during the flashing CWM or rooting process.
  • All the information and instructions listed here work only with Sony Xperia J, so do not try to use these for any other similar or different device, you can end up this guide in brick or damage your device.
  • The instructions listed here and information are provided only for educational and instructional purpose so we team should be blame or liable in case you’ll lose any data or damage/brick your device during or at the end of the tutorial. Apply these instructions only on own your risk.

How to Root Xperia J step by step guide:

  • Firstly, download the root pack file  from here.
  • Secondly, you have to save the downloaded file on your PC and after that unzip its content on your desktop PC folder.
  • Now, run the “Runme.bat” file such as Admin rights, for doing that you need right click on the exe file and now, select “Run as Administrator” option.
  • Next, connect the Xperia J device to PC.
  • Make sure you’ll follow the on-screen prompts, for rooting the Sony Xperia J device.

Flash CWM Recovery on Xperia J device

  1. Firstly, download the CWM recovery custom image file from here and save the file on your PC.
  2. Secondly, unzip the downloaded pack on your PC desktop folder.
  3. Next, run the “Runme.bat” exe file such administrator, for doing that you should click on the same exe file and from the menu list select “Run as administrator”.
  4. Now, connect the Xperia J device to the PC.
  5. Follow the prompt that appears for installing CWM recovery tool.

Un-root Sony Xperia J – downgrade to officially ROM

  1. Firstly, download the stock file from here and save the same on your computer
  2. Secondly,  download the Flash tool from here and save it on your PC.
  3. Now, install the Flash tool on the computer.
  4. Then run the Flash tool by selecting “Flashmoode” and then “OK”.
  5. Next, select “…” and browse and load the firmware file from your Computer.
  6. Power off your Sony Xperia J.
  7. Now, Press and keep holding the Volume Down buttons and the same time and with these buttons pressed, connect your Xperia J to PC by using the USB cord.
  8. The flashing process will automatically start
  9. When the installation process is completely done you need to disconnect the USB cable.
  10.  Reboot your Sony Xperia J smartphone.

That’s all; now you successfully learned know how to root / install CWM recovery and un-root (downgrade to officially Android OS) on the Sony Xperia J. After you have installed the CWM recovery tool on the Sony Xperia J you can flash on your device the latest custom ROM firmware for obtaining the best performance from your smartphone.

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