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WhatsApp – Do You Know These Amazing 7 Tips

WhatsApp is unarguably the most popular mobile-based messaging tool available today with millions of users worldwide. If you’re used to it, you can get to know various WhatsApp tricks and tips for your Android smartphone to make the most out of the app.  

  1. Listen to your WhatsApp messages discreetly

In general, voice messages are played on main speakers and it is quite easy to people near you to listen to the message.  If you don’t want them to listen to your message, just move the phone near your ear. Your phone’s proximity sensor will consider it as a normal phone call and will automatically switch speakers.

  1. Cancel a WhatsApp voice message

To send a voice message through WhatsApp,  hold the recording button. The moment you release the button, the recorded message will be sent. But if you wish to cancel the message, just slide your finger to the left of the input field and trash-can will come out. This simply means that message has been removed.

  1. Mark a favorite WhatsApp message

People received hundreds of WhatsApp messages at any point in time. For any reason, if you want a specific messages to be easily accessible,  go to the conversation and press down on the message you want to mark. To do that, just press on the star in the top new menu.

To access marked messages, from the main window, click on the three vertical dots. You will find those messages under the section “Starred Messages”.

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  1. Delete photos & videos sent via WhatsApp

It is a standard feature of WhatsApp that whenever you send a picture or video, it automatically gets saved on your device. This is sometimes very annoying especially in terms of storage. Now you can delete these items manually. Navigate to the WhatsApp folder in your phone’s internal memory to the media file and choose what you want to delete, and then go to the “Sent” folder and select the items you wish to delete.

  1. Stop automatic loading of multimedia files

There are times when you don’t want WhatsApp to download all the multimedia messages automatically. To stop this, go to Settings and then choose Data usage. Here you can choose which items can be downloaded automatically with mobile data, WiFi or roaming.

  1. Mute annoying WhatsApp group chats

If you’re a member of one or many WhatsApp groups,  it becomes extremely annoying because of excessive conversations within the group. If you don’t want to get disturbed by them, you can mute them. Open the group and tap the Options icon at the top right. Choose the time you wish to mute the group for. You can also untick the Show notifications box so that you never hear from the group again until you choose otherwise.

7 Lock WhatsApp

Though WhatsApp is an easy- to- use messaging solution, sometimes people don’t want to make things public. They can look for good app locking applications and put a lock of WhatsApp and other applications they want.

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