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Which Is The Best Performing Smartphone?

Is your smartphone the best performing in the market? You may be tempted to believe so, but the reality can be far away from the truth. But how to know the truth as it’s a tedious job to analyze performance of thousands varieties of phones available in the market.

However, AnTuTu makes the task extremely easier by bringing out informative reports they receive from people each quarter and it gives a list of scores. These scores are average scores from different tests. Another feature is that it does not give the lowest or highest numbers, but it actually rates them on the variety of factors such as what are the apps that are open and with what network it’s connected to.

Therefore, if you believe that Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge will be be on the top of the chart , you are mistaken and even iPhone series is not on the list.

According to the report, Xiaomi Mi5 is the best performing phone followed closely by Galaxy S7 Edge. iPhone 6S comes on the third spot. However, the competition between all of these three phones was quite tough. Another phones that came into the list are Huawei Mate 8, Samsung Galaxy Note 5, iPhone 6, Vivo Xplay 5 (Standard Edition), LETV Max and more.

Surprisingly, LG G5 is not present in the list as it was launched in April 1, which is Q2. It may appear in the second list after Q2 performance.

However, you need to consider this report with a pinch of salt as they are not absolutely the fastest devices and it also depends on what kind of actions you are performing with your phone and what kind of actions you are performing with the phone. So you can actually base this as one of the factors before taking the final call.


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