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2 Most Problems with the LG V20 and How to Fix Them

Many people think that with the launch of V20 LG tried to fill up the gap created by the unfortunate failure of Galaxy Note 7 by Samsung. With V20 LG succeeded in its strategy to grab the opportunity with its new metal design which also looks great while maintaining the durability of previous models, an improved second screen experience along with a big and bright display, a good quality camera and a good audio quality. While adding new features, LG still maintains USPs of its predecessors like microSD card slot for expandable memory and removable battery. But like any other smartphone or tablet, it too has some issues reported by users and experts. Hence, we are listing some issues offering its solution too.

# 1 Battery not charging to 100%

Many of LG V20 users are complaining that battery of their smartphone is charging up to 100% and stops between somewhere between 90-94%.

How to fix

Battery calibration may be a most appropriate solution that. With some users, re-calibration has worked and the issue has been resolved. Discharge your phone until it switches off and gets it charge with the device off until its indicator indicates that your phone is fully charged.

Now unplug the charger and switch on the device. Plug the charger again if the battery is not showing 100% charging until 100% or close to it. You may repeat the process if you are still not getting desired results but remember that this should not be repeated very often as it may damage the device. So, you can wait for some time before next calibration. There are some apps also that you can try in the calibration process, but it will give you better result only if you have a root access over your smartphone.

# 2 Performance issue

There some issue regarding performance V20 freezes or reboot and some users also reported about some instances of lagging as well.

How to fix

There are multiple solutions to that issue but we listing some of most effective solutions as below.

a. There are so many apps on the play store to improve the performance of the phone. One of them is Greenify. Download it from play store. It gives you the option to see the list of applications that are active while using the phone. In the list, you can see the settings of these apps. That should definitely increase the speed of your phone and reduce slowdowns.

b. Sometimes an app may be a potential cause for the slow down or lagging. Just boot your device into safe mode by following the instructions and check if problem sill continues. It problem continues, an app is making your phone slower. Check for the apps downloaded recently or just before the occurrence of the problem. Try deleting those apps or you can choose to perform a factory reset but it is not recommended as all your data will be wiped out.

c. You can also boost performance your phone by disabling features which LG provides with its software to enhance its usability and software experience. Try disabling them if don’t use them very often.


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