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AirDroid v2 Beta APK available for download

airdroid V2 beta

AirDroid is a free application that lets you control your Android device from your desktop browser, From this section you can download the AirDroid V2 apk (beta version).

You need know when you decide to install the AirDroid on your Android device, it is a fast and free app which lets you achieve your files, you can easily transfer files between your android device and you PC, in this version you have the option to use drag and drop support. Also, Airdroid V2 has integrated the essential functions like cut, copy, rename, paste, and search or deletes files directly on your SD card.

For SMS,  you can easy manage to receive or send new SMS or to forward or delete your stored SMS messages quickly with this app.

With Airdroid,  the new application can be installed, uninstalled, or you can make backup for your preferred application or you can search app and perform batch processing.

If you have preferred photos stored into your android device, with this new application you can preview, download, upload or you can easy set up as wallpapers which photos you want.

Some great features, which Airdroid V2 beta version comes are that you can share the clipboard text between the Android device and the PC (desktop).

When you want manage your contacts, then AirDroid comes with the possibility to, group, search, check or delete call logs or to create new contacts directly from your PC in your Android device.

For Ringtones and music you can setup which song you love like a ringtone, this app helps you to search, preview, and play, download or upload melodies. This app comes with options to set up the alarm ringtones and notification directly from the browser for your device.

Other features witch I want to remind here are:

QR code login via,Https connection, Realtime Android screen (experimental feature, root permission required),Multiple virtual desktops, Video (Quick Time plugin required), calendar, url transfer, clipboard, and so on. AirAndroid has more than 14 languages support.

The minimum required to run AirDroid V2 beta apk is that, your device need running Android 2.1 or later, The Web Desktop should support the most modern web browsers (Chrome 12 or later, Mozila Firefox 3.6 or Up, Safari 5.0 or Up).

For more features descriptions and the techinhal compatibility please visit the developer site from here, or you can download the official version from Google Play Store from here.

 Download AirDroid V2 apk (beta version).


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