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Android 7.1 Feature Spotlight: App Shortcuts Are Supported In The Google Now Launcher

Pixels phones are generating a lot of buzz after the launch and most of this can be attributed due to the fact that it runs on the Google Naugat platform. Some of these features are reserved for the phone, and rest is the part of the new Android 7.1 Nougat. One of the features that has generated a lot of curiosity is the new version of app shortcut API which is a way to get the quick access of select screens and functions.

To try out these functions, Google Now Launcher fully supports this app shortcut. It was almost known that app shortcut feature will make a comeback in Android 7.1. It was previously launched in Launcher Shortcuts API in the second N Developer Preview. However, it was pulled out for unknown reasons. Later it was known as App Shortcuts, but there was no clarity that whether it would be supported by non-exclusive Google Launcher or not. This has been confirmed in Developers preview. The development is certainly important as it gives developers an opportunity to begin building and testing shortcuts.

If you are a developer, keep an eye for apps that support dynamic shortcuts. These shortcuts based on the way you already use the app. For example, Google Messenger now creates new shortcuts with names of the last few people.

As of now more than 20 apps are offering shortcuts—and all of them are from Google. Find out sometime to poke around these apps to find out some times for more useful options. Google Now Launcher. The Google Now Launcher only supports app shortcuts on Android 7.1 and above. Check out Developer Preview 1.


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