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Factory Reset on Android Device

Factory reset is a very useful default feature which is found in all Android devices. This feature can be very important in many tricky and testing situations.

If you have made either some modifications or you have deleted everything from your device, except the Android itself, just go and make a factory reset and your device will look like a new one.

It is important to know “what does a factory reset do?” Factory reset feature allows you to delete everything on your device (contacts, call logs, SMS messages, applications or data). You can also have an option to erase all information stored in the memory card (photos, videos, or any type of data stored in memory card).

When you want to sell your Android device, Factory Reset is a great tool. By doing this you can stop your buyer to access your private information.

Another situation when you can use the Factory Reset function is if your device begins to function slowly because you have installed many applications, in that case you are recommended to opt for a Factory Reset.

It’s also very useful when updating to another firmware. Some types of firmware are not compatible with others and they will require you to do a factory reset.

Be careful while going for factory reset. If you haven’t backup your data, keep in mind that after factory reset you can’t get them back.

Always perform backup before selecting factory reset.

For creating an android backup, you normally need to have a root level access on your Android device and ClockworkMod installed.

How to factory reset on Android devices?

It’s very easy to make a factory reset in your Android device:

Settings > Backup & reset > Factory data reset > Reset phone

Note: If you want to erase USB storage, you can check Erase USB storage for doing this. 

After these operations are finished, please check if in your device it’s on factory parameters or not and nothing remains on the smartphone.

I made a short video about “how factory reset on Android devices can be applied to see how this thing is being done:



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