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Best Android Apps that You Must Download

Welcome to our roundup of the best new Android games of this month. There are a lot of fantastic games launched this month. In case you have not come through these new games, don’t worry just go through article.
Reigns is such a game that you will fall in love instantly. The game has been launched from Devolver Digital in which you are king and you must have to manage your army to maintain your kingdom’s treasury, religion, and population to keep reigning for as many years as possible. And the best part is that you will have to be manipulative to win the different sections such as peasants, knights, witches and other members of church to continue your influence.


In every conversation, you will have to make an important decision by swiping character card to the left or right. If you lose the game, you will have to pass the power to your successor.
This is a strategy game and it requires a deft resource management to excel in the game play. The delivers quite beautifully which is expected from a game. Though, the politics of a monarchy is much more complex, but you will enjoy it nevertheless. You can wave your hand, point your finger in order to destroy your adversaries. You will feel more real than any other game as a kingdom maker.
Mobius Final Fantasy
Square Enix’s Mobius Final Fantasy is a great and intriguing game and it more likes a console type game in portrait format. You will certainly find it impressive. All of the characters, environment and animations are superior to a most of the Android games available in the play Store.


It is a turn based battle game and in the process of game and participating in battles, you learn new skills and deviate from set path.
Fortress Legends
Namco Bandai has introduced a new RPG to Android Fortress Legends. It’s a real time battle with a lot of fantasy characters and animations.
It involves button-mashing brawls and some tactical base defense decisions and that is why it will appeal to a whole new genre of gamers. You will have to play a tons of weapons and items to collect. The vastness of the game could be fearsome and intimidating at the start, but you can learn the ropes of the game as time elapses.


Soda Dungeon
It is a fantastic action RPG game in which you will have to defeat hundreds of monsters. There are five different environments to explore in the game and each environment has its own challenges. It’s an addictive fun game to play on your device.

ZENONIA S: Rifts In Time (FREE)
Zenonia S Rifts brings us back the sweet memories of role playing game ZENONIA. You can join with your friends and perform missions in different expeditions offered by game. There is a lot more to discover while you are in conflict with dragons.

Hope you must enjoy the list. Next week we will come with a new exciting list for you. Till then keep enjoying.


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