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Best Android Launchers of 2012

There are only two months until end 2012, and we have now in our minds the best home launchers applications for your Android device. Many Android users already knowing the Nova and APEX home launchers, but we will share with you in addition to these two, other two applications for persons who need to get more details and want to try other similar apps.

A home launcher is a UI Android device, and it is the principal tool when you need to make a personal customization for you graphics standard elements, the home launcher giving your personal touch, and with this unique customization you’ll feel like a known place when you unlock your Android device.

In the Android world are many home launchers that you can install in your Android device, and always the developers work to bring new features and improvements.

In this post, we will present the applications which is compatible with any Android versions, bun some of these applications works only if your device is rooted. Use the comments section if you have some questions or you have other home launchers app which I didn’t post here, and we will do all the best create another list with other app.

Apex Launcher:

A beautiful home launcher downloaded by 4 million users, that and the essential functions make of this application one of the perfect Android launchers for the 4.0 and 4.1 versions of the Android OS. The Apex has come with many powerful features and a wide range of options, this it is most powerful home launcher application worldwide. It is strong and has an extremely customizable home interface, the Apex is fast and helps you to create a distinctive home screen for your 4.0 Android device, it features customization with a grid size up nine home screens, the dock is scrollable and allows you to add up to  icons/page and up to  5 docks pages. These things add you a plus of power users, and you’ll receive an easier access to all installed applications which you use regularly. Home screen drawer and dock have an infinite –elastic scrolling action, a new and unique experience for all users who use this home launcher with flashy effects and a transition in tablet, cube, etc.

Apex support functions which can help you to hide elements whatever you want, so you can hide the persistent search bar, the status bar, or even the dock. The icons and labels can be easily customizable for shortcuts and folders. Transparent or opac, horizontal or vertical and paginated or continuous is the various drawer styles included into Aplex home launcher.

A great capacity to lock your desktop gives you the security to don’t change accidental something’s on your Android device.

The app has advanced theme engine for icon pack and skins, has the potential to perform backup and restore settings and data, it is optimized for both variety of devices the smartphones and tablets. There are lots of other options to customize your device with Apex.

For the Android users who should have more control options from Apex, they have to buy the pro version.

The Apex Launcher Pro version has many customizable drawer tabs fully controllable, a counter for unread notifications and two finger gestures.

In PRO version, you’ll find an alternative to combine the folders contents; also you will receive support for more transition effects. You can get more themes from ADW, Go Launcher theme, and Launcher Pro version is the perfect choice, you can add the contents in multiple folders.

If you want to add multiple apps at the same time in a folder, the Apex Pro version support this function included.

 Download Apex Launcher for Android free version from HERE .

 Download Apex Launcher for Android Pro Version from HERE .

The Apex is always updated continuously and comes always with new features and functions that the Apex developers will increase with their ideas and experience, which will give you enjoy more and more for your Android device.

Nova Launcher:

Created by TeslaCoil Software the Nova Launcher is a home launcher compatible only with Android 4.0 and later versions, 5 million installations in the Android smartphones and the number of users grow every day.

Nova Launcher receive a free version which comes with an immensely rich number of features and stable functions that are made it to make your Android device UI to be unique.

Nova Launcher has a lot of Color Themes and icons themes from other home launchers support for Tables and Phones for Scrollable Dock to keep all your favorite apps on the dock, has 3 pages and 7 cons per page. An impressionist transparent scrolling style comes to attract all the attention.

The features list included is rich, the scroll effect give users enjoy with this effect, effects include Cardstack, Cube and other styles. The infinite Scroll makes your desktop continuously through a loop.

For your folders icon, you can choose which style and background do you want, other significant function is the Backup/Restore option, this activity help you to export your settings and layout when you want to wipe your data and change your current ROM, then you have the option  quickly restore up and running.

When you want to customize your device with the latest widgets  you chose in its docks section more than one app on your desktop  an entire folder in the same time.  These all functions are for the free version. But the Nova Launcher has a paid variant for users who want to take the complete customization control from their home launcher.

If you’ll pay and install in your Android device,  the Prime paid version you will have the possibility to create Drawer Groups, which include the Folders in App Drawer, organize apps into tabs and folders in the App drawer. The custom tab is highly optimized and lets you manage your installed apps via folders and tabs. If you want never lose to read an email, SMS, Missed calls the Nova has a proper function for Unread Counts, which is showed in the desktop, dock, drawer or folders, and a strong possibility from Nova Launcher is to hide your applications.

Download the Nova Launcher free version HERE.

Download Nova Launcher paid version from here.

 Holo Launcher:

From Mobint Software comes an excellent alternative to NOVA and APEX home launchers comes HOLO launchers, this app can be installed on Gingerbread, INS and Jelly Bean, Froyo, and it has received support for Android 4.1. Simple but powerful the Holo app has a lot of features. You can get two versions for HOLO a free version, and if you and you need a high customization then you should buy the PLUS version. You will find top custom Desktop pages or grid, more than 9 pages workspaces and 10*10 grids. Holo launcher has backup and restore options, and with these functions you can save the same configuration after you wipe your data when you install a new ROM or a new Android system, only you restore the Holo backup file. It comes with infinite Scrolling, Gesture function included Scrollable Dock and numerous others functions for get your Android UI with a high level of customization.

For the Plus version of HOLO there has unlimited configurable drawer tabs, and if you need to have all notification always update the Pro version comes with unread count notifications, the Holo Plus support Go Launcher icon pack, and many custom effects and many others.

Download Holo Launcher free version

Download Holo Launcher Plus version.

 Go Launcher EX

The extended version of Go Home Launcher is one of the popular launcher home app and is still preferred by many Android users, it comes with a lot of features, for customize your own Android UI. The number of the installations is almost 100 million, this number is truly massive.  It is an excellent launcher for the Android devices and works remarkably well with the Gingerbread OS and lower.  The Go Launcher EX combines the imagination with the functionality and utility.  It offers you many features; it is extremely smooth transition animation, many widgets and functions, it has functions to hide applications, to refresh home screens, or clean memory, organize your files and your icons. Like the new features, we will observe the  Squeezing effect Jelly Bean style, the option to sharing your home screen layouts with other Android, users, vertical loop for application drawer, and many others.

This application is a free application, and you can fix it as default launcher application,

Download GO Launcher EX home from here.

These applications are in our point of view the best home launchers for your Android device. If you have others launchers name, please don’t hesitate to share with us in our comments below area.



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