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Best Android Web Browsers for 2013

android browsers 2013

If you already have an Android smartphone or a tablet, probably you want to know which will be the best android web browsers for 2013, the developers in the last time made a lot of improvements and give us the possibility to enjoy the latest features in the trend of browsers for android devices.

In this post,  I will show you different web browsers that I  think will be the best browsers in this year for your android devices, most of these browsers working on android devices that running the Android versions 2.2 or up.  All the web browsers listed below are listed in no particular order, it is extremely difficult to make a real top for the best web browsers, the importance is determinate of the needs which the users expect for these, and that’s why I will share the most downloaded and tested web browsers for Android and the browsers which supported in 2012 significant improvements. So note that all the web browsers for the android which I listed here are available in the Google Play Store, and you can easily install the theme and to evaluate the performances, I will share for you the link where you can find them for each web browser independently. Most of the web browsers listed below are supported and are compatible on all Android based devices on the market.

So, if you’re not so happy with your default browser that your Android device has, then you should chose and install other web browsers. All the applications listed below are common in the last years and are supported on Android 4.1 JB Operating System.The list will remain open for all the changes which will  in this year, and if you want to share with us a list of your favorite browsers, then don’t hesitate to use our comment section.

Dolphin Browser for Android

The Dolphin Browser for Android is one of the most popular and recommended browser for devices based on Android OS is stored, and it is available in Google Play Store. It is fast and has a user-friendly easy to be used, the significant advantage is that, the Dolphin Browser for Android is free, and your web page will be loading fast, around 50 million plus users who downloaded and enjoy the features this web browser makes to confirm the Dolphin Browser for Android is 1position Android Web Browser on Market.

It comes with support for add-ons, Webzine, Sonar and Gesture, has integrated several other features that make the internet navigation easier on the web.

The Sonar feature lets you use your voice to give commands using the words it heard and then the browser search on the Internet, with this property you can easy share on your favorite social networks, or  bookmark your favorite website, navigate and more all from your phone or tablet browser.

Couple of notable features you can add to the Dolphin Android web browser installing Dolphin add-ons like Dolphin Webzine,, Box for Dolphin, Dolphin QRCode Share, Bookmark to SD, Dolphin YouTube Search, PDF Viewer for Dolphin, Xmarks for Dolphin, RSS and many other. If you didn’t try the Dolphin Browser until this moment, then you need try it, and I’m sure that this android browser will impress you.

Download Dolphin’s free android browser.

 Firefox for Android

Firefox for Android is fast, and it’s free, has fully supports for Firefox sync, so in this case if you have on your desktop PC installed Firefox web browser for desktop, then you can sync your bookmarks and passwords with the android version directly on your android device.

Firefox for mobile is the first mobile browser that support  ‘Do Not Track’, and the “Awesome Page” that displayed you all your recently visited tabs, it has even supported add-ons and more options that the Firefox from Mozilla had for the desktop version.

The Firefox for Android is a web browser fast, easy to use, and it is customizable, has the latest security and privacy features, all these features help you to navigate safe on the internet.

With Firefox for Android web browser, you can easily access, browse and search information on the internet. This browser keep your favorite websites and mobile videos at your fingertips with a powerful smart searching feature, it is easy to use and has a powerful desktop to mobile sync features.

For a complete list of features,  you can check out the following web address:

Download Firefox for Android you can follow this address.

Chrome for Android

Chrome for Android is a powerful web browser for Android with powerful features included like fast searching and sync functions which help you to customize your chrome experience.

When we say ‘search fast’ we say search and navigate directly from the same box where you can choose from the results that are displayed as you type and an impressive feature with browse faster accelerated page loading capacity, and scrolling and zooming easy to use.

Chrome for android is straightforward and has a user friendly interface which helps you to quickly switch between tabs. The sing-in chrome helps to sync your open tabs, bookmarks and the data from your PC to your Android device. The privacy is a strong feature for Chrome mobile version, you can easily browse privately in incognito mode.

You can send pages from Crome for Android to your PC or to chrome on your smartphone or tablet, and you can read these pages even when you’re offline.

Download Chrome for Android from here.

Boat Browser for Android

Boat Browser is a fast and smart android web browser which is fully customizable, where you can easily move and change the location of the buttons like you want. With Boat web browser, you can adding complimentary add-ons to get more powerful from your search on the internet.

Special it is the possibility to optimize the default features from the toolbar, you can easily customize, rearrange, remove or add new buttons, and this into a user friendly interface.
You can easily personalized the web browser theme, changing the theme color, and chose different styles to make the Boat web browser more personalized like you wish.
The add-ons are unlimited expansion of your Boat browser. You can just install the Boat Add-on and then you can search and found the features in the side toolbar. It has a strong bookmarks management which supports new folder, batch delete, import/export features, sync for bookmarks(sync compatibility with bookmarks from chrome browser will be supported in the future). The Boat web browser for Android comes with a new UI design, new slide toolbar which has been integrated in the last version, this feature helps you to reach the toolbar by swiping the right side of the display, and after that if you don’t agree with the changes you can easily change the settings in the setting menu.
Boat Browser has two version one it’s free and another Pro which has a pro licence key for many pro features, like, remove the banner ads in bookmarks, support to delete ALL speed dial icons, you can remove history, and speed dial manage page and so on.

Note: the Pro License Key comes in the apk file format, this apk file should be downloaded and after that installed, you need to be carful to don’t uninstall the licence key apk, because otherwise the pro version for Boat web browser will not work.

The Pro lincense key is available here

For all features available for Boat web browser, you can visit the Boat application website .

Download Boat web browser for Android devices you can access this link.

OverSkreen (floating browser) web browser for Android

OverSkreen is a powerful web browser that can live on top of your screed, with the OverSkreen you can enjoy the browser desktop experience on your Android device. You can view and interact with multiple tabs at one, true multitasking using the screen real estate in the browsing on the internet action.

The OverSkreen web browser for android, comes with numerous features for make our search on the internet  easier and more customizable. On this features we will remark multiple instance, Adobe Flash support, Tabbed browsing, Truly floating, System wide bookmarks/history, Chrome keyboard shortcuts, Suggest-while-typing URL bar and other notable features.

The current version for OverSkreen web browser is 1.7.1 and has around 50.000 installation, but this number increasing more and more, it is a paid application and minimum Android version requires are 2.2 and up, the cost for this browser is around $2.49 (USD).

If you decided to buy the OverSkreen web browser, you just open the Google Play Store and then search for  “overskreen” (without quotes), tap the price button, accept the conditions and buy it.

Download OverSkreen (floating browser) web browser for Android

Opera Mobile web browser for Android.

Opera Mobile for Android is a free app and has around 50,000,000 downloads, it is a web browser fast, smooth and easy to use, and it is perfect adaptable with your tablet or smartphone, this browser helps the android users get more out of their time online. Opera for Android is ideal to be used on fast internet network connection(Wi-Fi, 3G and 4G). If you want powerful features from a web browser compatible with your Android device then you need know Opera Mobile offers a full-featured interface for an easy surfing on the web, it keep all your stuff in one place with a complete  bookmark sync feature and with a speed dials with your PC or other devices via Opera Link, has an excellent support for social networks like Twitter and Facebook. It has easy test wrapping to zoom features and a dedicated page size and orientation functions for give you the best view on your internet searching.

The Opera Mini is the faster browser on Eart and for note that we recommend you to install it and try it, Opera Mini compress data by up to 90%, and we think is the best web browser for a slower internet connection.

For more details please visit the opera mobile website

Download Opera Opera Mobile web browser for Android using this link.

UC Browser for Android

UC Browser for Android is a free app web browser which provides you fast and smooth internet surfing experience. It is fully adaptable design helps you improve your web searching under different network connections,

The UC Browser allowing you to reduce data costs and with these functions helps your Android speed up page loading with compression.

A striking feature is the ease way to share the best search results with your friends in different social networks. It has multiple language support and had installed over 400 million users worldwide, that statement makes UC Browser the most popular web browser in the world.

In the trend of features,  you will enjoy  UC Browser a significant share system where you can use it to share your favorite pages on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and all this with a simple tap on the share button, a strong voice control over UC browser, download manager, quick read and an exciting night mode that lets you better browsing in the night environments. New Updates:
For more information about UC Browser you can visit its webpage

Download for free UC Browser

Let as know which Android browser is the best?

Every Android users has different needs and expectations from their web browsers, for example, for me the best browser for my Android device is Dolphin Browser, it is stable, and faster it is easy to use, and I can search on the internet what I want in a short time.

What about you? Please share with us your best android web browser for this year.


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