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You Can Now Unlock the Bootloader on your Verizon Pixel

It has been announced that Google Pixel and Pixel XL, which are sold by Verizon, have got their bootloader unlocked. This has been done by jcase and beaups, however the method to do that has not been divulged. You need not be worried.

This has been done in the anticipation that update doesn’t patch the method used to unlock the bootloader. You just need to copy dePixel8 to your Pixel or Pixel XL, after that making it executable and then running the program.

The device will go into bootloader mode, you’ll be able to use fastboot to unlock the bootloader with having “oem unlock” command. This is the way to unlock the bootloader.

It is a normal method to unlock the bootloader. But unlocking the bootloader will wipe out your entire device. You should try to backup your data. dePixel8 is a free tool that is used to unlock your bootloader, you will lose out the warranty.

Beaups and jcase have requested to unlock their bootloader sooner as this will be exploited and fixed in the next security release.  Now you don’t require to flash custom ROMs, or root the device, there is no real need to unlock the bootloader.


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