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Common Google Play Store Problems & How to Fix Them

Google Play Store is the most popular app store in the world, much ahead any other app store you would have heard. But it might have happened to you that you were trying to download your favourite app and you received a cryptic error message showing a random number. This is very annoying and you were completely clueless on how to fix those errors.

We have compiled some of these common problems and offered solution for them based on our experience. See if you encounter these problems with Google Play.

  1. Google Play – Error DF-BPA-09 ‘Error Processing Purchase’

This is the most common Google Play Error Processing Purchase DF-BPA-09 and you may have seen while trying to download the app. This is a rigid problem and won’t go away easily. Here is how you can fix the problem.

  1. Go to Settings, Tap on Apps or Application Manager.
  2. Swipe All Columns.
  3. Scroll down until you find Google Services Framework.
  4. Choose clear data and then press OK.

In case this solution does not work, go to the Google Play site on your PC, install the app and when yo will go back to your device, you will find the install working.

  1. Google Play – Error DF-BPA-30

This error is caused by the Google Server itself, but you can also fix this problem.  Here is how you can fix it.

  1. Open the Google Play Store on web.
  2. Choose and application that you want to install which is sending you the Error DF-BPA-30.
  3. Go back to your smartphone and try to download, it will work this time.
  4. The solution will work 9 out of 10 times.
  5. If this does not work, you can try to delete the data or clear cache of “Google Play Service”.

     3. Google Play – Error DF-DLA-15

This is not a very common error, but many people have brought to the point when they download an update or an application.  To fix this problem, you should first cache the data of the play store app. To accomplish that go to Settings > Tap applications and look for the Play Store, delete the cache. This should ideally fix the problem, but in case it fails, go to account settings and delete your phone accounts, your problem will be solved.

  1. Google Play – Error rh01

This is an error about retrieving information from server. To fix this issue: Go to Settings > Apps > All > Google Play Store, choose both Clear data and Clear cache.  Now repeat the same process for Google Services Framework.

Second option is: try remove and re-add your Gmail account, restart your device and re-add your Gmail account.

  1. Google Play – Error retrieving information from server

You can encounter the message while updating or downloading an app. Google’s servers find it unable to retrieve information from your Google account. You can delete and re-register, but wait a few hours to see if the problem persists. This is how you can fix the problem:

  1. Go to the Settings> Accounts> Google ‘to delete your Google Account’.
  2. Now reboot your device, then re-synchronize the account.
  3. At last, open the Settings> Applications> All> Google Services Framework. Then, click Options ‘Clear Data’ and ‘Force Stop’.

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