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Download Call Logs Backup & Restore App For Android devices

The ‘Call Logs Backup & Restore’ is a free application for smartphones with Android based operation system that allows the clients to backup call logs directly on the internal device SD card.
Simply you should to create a special folder where call log backup will be stored.
The backup is stored by default in /sdcard/CallLogBackupRestore folder.
This application helps if you need to keep a history of your all the calls (made from or received on your device). The Android system operation have possibility to keep a history of the 500 latest calls and any another call older is automatically deleted when the call overcome this limit.
Call Logs Backup & Restore has support for up 500 calls and with this app you can easily restore all the call log on your phone.
Another great function for this small application it is the possibility when you made an update for your phone, rooted or flashed the firmware of your device and lost all call logs, ‘Call Logs Backup & Restore’ is able to backup and restore your call logs. It is very easy to download it and install it on your smartphone, only go and click here to download Call Logs Backup & Restore from Google play market store.
The application comes with great features:

  • The format for Backup Call Logs / History is in XML format.
  • You can choose a scheduled time to automatically backup every day if you want to have an auto save job.
  • Like as say before, you can choose the name of the file to make the backup.
  • You can easily to open with a browser the XML file for viewing easily the content.
  • We have the option to adding the date in readable format.
  • Another great option it is to use an “Archive Mode” where the backup data keeps getting added to a single file.
  • The Backup format is independent of the Android version, so you can easily to move your call logs from an old Android version to a new one, or invers.

Restore Call Logs.

  • We have the option to select the backup file to be restored from the folder.
  • We can easily view Backup Contents from within the App.
  • With this application we can delete all Call Logs on the Phone.
  • The application has possibility to Email us a backup file.

Delete existing backup files.

  • A specific Option it is to delete old files automatically after specified number of days.

The User Interface has a friendly and easily mode to work with this application, have 6 buttons in the first screen:
Backup: with this button we can to back-up all the Call logs on the phone to the xml file.
Restore: with this button we can read the xml file and creates a new Call log for every entry found in the file. The Duplicates are checked based on number, duration and date/time of the call.
View: with this button we can view the contents of the backup file.
Delete Backups: This button allows us to make a selection of backup files to be deleted.
Delete Calls: This button helps us to deletes all the Call logs on the phone, so that a Restore can be performed.
Donate: with this button if you wish to donate for the App via PayPal access this button.
In Menu Option we find:

Help: – with the help information about the ‘Call Logs Backup & Restore’ App.
Preferences: with this option we can open the Preferences Screen.
Send by Email: this option allows you to send the backup file by a custom email.


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