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Download Dolphin Browser Updated To v9.0 for Android

If you want to have one of the most popular and stable browser for your android device, then Dolphin Browser is in top of best browsers for Android devices, today the Dolphin Browser, receive a new update to version 9.0.  This brings new enhancements, support for the HTML5 rendering engine from Dolphin Beta, the engine in this case is made like an optional addon, this addon is named Jetpack, and the biggest advantage now is basically the Dolphin Browser in faster on HTML5 sites is optional.

This new version also, besides jetpack, includes a built-in for network diagnostic, this tool can help you to make a diagnostic for your network, and in case of issues you can solve the problems, a new option is “night mode”, this option can reduce brightness and intensity of the light when you’ll navigate during night.

On this version, the Voice-Control function has been updated, to be easier and user friendly, I recommend to using this new update and enjoy the new improvements.

Download Dolphin Browser for Android


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