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Download latest Tango Video Calls APK Android app

Tango Android app

Today I will introduce you a new application for voice and video chat (free calls and video). This application is named Tango and is very popular among Android and IOS users. Tango application has more than 50 million downloads and now its developers launched this application for windows mobile Phones, But tango application isn’t only for mobile phones, and it is also allows you to communicate between PCs and mobile devices, the only one condition is that its users need to have this application installed on both devices, the PC and their device.

If you’ll download and install the Tango application on your Android device then you’ll see that the Tango application interface is perfect for your Android device OS, it takes some of its functions.

The first think that its users should to do is that create a new user account, in case they don’t already one, and after that introduce their personal information required.

The Tango application is very easy to use; it has a User Friendly interface and doesn’t require a supplementary documentation to install or to use the same. After you’ve installed the application your contact list will be divided on two main categories, the tango users and the rest of your contacts from your agenda. Also on your Android call logs history you’ll be able to see the tango calls history and  great feature is that you can send invitation with the help of a custom SMS for your contacts friends whom you want to recommend this application. Also, there on its main interface you’ll see the setting menu, where you can make your custom modifications like modify your personal information in case there is some one.

Your calls can be initiated only by the persons who have the Tango application installed on their device. After the connection between the Tango users is established numerous options are available for you. Also, you can choose to use your video camera on not, you can perform only voices call, speaker mode and so on.

The quality of your conversation depends on your internet bandwidth in case you’ll use a 3G/4G/HSDPA or a Wi-Fi connection, all this kind of applications depend on  the internet bandwidth connection. The Wi-Fi connection offers a better quality of your video and sounds during the conversation.

The main advantage for this application is that after you have installed this application you can use the same wherever you want in the world for free, without to pay extra money for your international or internal calls.

So, to conclude, the Tango application is a free video calls, voice calls, and video message over an internet connection (3G, 4G and WI-FI connection)

With Tango application, you  can make calls to any other friend who has Tango app installed on their device. This application is easily to use, and it’s fun.

Download the latest Tango application via Google Play Store from here or you can download and install on your android device Tango APK version from here.

Download and install on your android device Tango APK version from here

Below are some key features that Tango application for Android has:

  • You can easily send and receive video messages when you cannot establish a connection with your tango friends.
  • Tango Surprises feature makes your video calls more attractive and enjoyable.
  • It is totally free, and for the international calls you won’t have to pay any money for making conversations with other Tango members.
  • Initial you can start with a simple phone call with Tango app and after that when you want you can switch to a video call, only tap the camera icon and your friend can see you.
  • It has an automatically “find” option to help you find your friends who have installed Tango app.
  • You won’t use any log or password for authentication, only create an account and that it’s all you have to do.
  • You can send an invitation to use the Tango application for your friends via text and email.
  • Like I said before, it is easy to use and has a user friendly interface.
  • Tango OS is working on Android 2.2 or upper.

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