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How To Get The Exclusive New ‘Nexus Launcher’ On Your Android Device

It is not a rumour but it is absolutely true that Nexus Launcher is officially out in the market. Earlier there were rumours about the same but not it has got confirmed. It is typically an official feature meant exclusively for Nexus range of phones. Let’s know how users can enjoy the latest Nexus version feasibly.

It is known that Antonio Luciano leaked the copy of the home screen app for the upcoming Nexus phones but mistakenly it was removed. But some users were lucky enough to get a copy of the same and this is what other users can think of getting. According to experts, there are several aesthetical enhancements included in this feature. For example, the launcher eliminates the App Drawer on its virtual home buttons. Instead, users use the swipe-up gesture. In addition, there are many other features such as Google Now and navigation improvements.

If you want to get the Nexus Launcher on your Android phone, you must need to know that there are two ways to do so. The first one is a non-root method and the second one is the rooted method. Let’s first know about the rooted method as the non-root method may get some bugs like not being able to update the wallpaper and the absence of Google Now features.

Rooted Devices

You would require a rooted phone and custom recovery installed for this procedure. The first thing to do is to download the flasher zip file. When this is done, you can choose to boot in custom recovery. When you’re in custom recover, just choose “Install” and move to the directory where the is downloaded. This will ask you to take extra steps to proceed with the installation of the launcher.

When it’s done, choose “Reboot System.”

When your device gets rebooted, you’ll be asked to set a new home screen app. Now you should select “Nexus Launched” and choose “Always” to set this as your default action for every time home button is pressed.
After completing all the above steps, you would be able to notice the change right away. The app drawer button will be eliminated and the Google now page would appear on the top right corner of the screen waiting to be swiped to the right.

Non-rooted devices

There is no need to worry if you don’t have rooted devices as you can still choose to get Nexus Launcher on your Android device.
You can simply download the apk file.
Make sure to make changes in the settings by enabling “Install from Unknown Sources” before installing the apk file. Now you just need to press the Home button to be prompted for the new home screen selection. That’s it.


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