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Gmail For Android: Awesome Features You Probably Aren’t Using

Since the time Gmail came into the market, it has become more and more powerful over the years. Several new features have been added in the app that only enhanced its experience. There are many that you may not know. Let’s get to know about them.


  • Gmail Smart Replies


Though there are many smart features in the “Gmail” app such as bundles, reminders, and Smart Replies, many users don’t know about them. For example, Smart Replies at the bottom respond basis the message context. Smart Replies show up as three phrases in blue boxes. The phrases are simple responses such as “You’re welcome,” and “Sure, I’d be happy to chat.”

The Smart Reply is pushed into a new mail reply and you can add, edit the same.


  • Change Your Default Swipe Action To Delete


The swipe is nothing new and it is basically the action it does. For example, just swipe left or right to make it work. If you haven’t made any changes to the settings, swiping an email will archive it.

For more permanent results, go to your Gmail settings and locate General settings > Gmail default action. In this popup, now choose between archive and delete. If you choose delete, all the conversations you swipe away will be deleted instantly. The settings also feature a toggle to disable swipe actions.


  • Gmail Text Formatting


Gmail presents various formatting tools that might be hidden. To format a block of text, long-press to select it, and one of the options in the popup should be “formatting.”

The formatting option leads to a toolbar just above your keyboard with all the regular formatting tools such as bold, italic, underline, colour, and so on. This bar remains enabled as you compose the email, unless you chose to turn it off by tapping the “x” on the far right.


  • Default Reply Action


Open your Gmail settings and get “default reply action” under “General settings.” It encompasses options for “reply” and “reply-all,” with “reply” being the default. Just choose “reply-all” and the button at the top of emails will automatically become reply-all when there are different people in the discussion. You can always tap on the address field while composing to remove people.


  • Attach Money Directly In  Gmail


If you own some money to one of your friends, paying them back is as easy as sending an email. You’ll need to ensure that you’ve created an account with Google Wallet. Now you can fund Google Wallet using your debit card or bank account, but the Wallet app actually isn’t required at all for this Gmail feature.

To send money, start composing a new email, and click on the “Attach” paperclip button at the top of Gmail. Select “Send money” and feed an amount. Gmail also includes an option to include a memo along with your payment. The money displays as an attachment to the email that can be edited by tapping. The attachment can be detached if you change your mind as well.

It is not necessary that the recipient should have a Wallet account during the transfer. They can just sign in with their Google account and label a default account. Then, the money is sent out. Future payments will be deposited automatically.


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