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Why Google Allo Is A Disaster

Google Allo has taken the world by storm since after the launch on September 21, but it’s making news more due to controversy than good things. Strange thing is that there is hardly any criticism related to functionality, it’s making waves due to terrible privacy configuration feature which has raised many hackles. This also raises the Google’s ability to understand the importance of a real global launch.

If you value your privacy, then Allo isn’t for you. It’s a fact is the new messaging application from Google not only requires access to almost every part of your telephone, it’s also one of the least discreet and with the worst privacy configuration available right now.

What is the worst thing about Allo? It does not encrypt your end-to-end communication by default. Though such encryption can be activated but after sacrificing many of its features of Google assistant. Google had announced during I/O it will not store information which has been proved wrong. Consequently, Allo has created a public debate and many people have advised not to download if they want to keep their privacy intact. Edward Snowden has highly recommended the user community not to install Allo.

That is why a majority of people have stayed away from using Allo terming its launch into a complete disaster and the reason for its outright failure lies in faulty launch planning of Allo.

Google Assistant is the key feature of Allo  which differentiates it from other messaging applications, but privacy concerns have cast doubts over great features. This feature is only available in English which is a great injustice to non-English users.

Google Assistant Google has an advantage thanks to its knowledge of machine learning which works only in English. Tap, a main feature of Android 6.0 Marshmallow, was also made available in English.  Due to this Google is losing enormous opportunity in many countries.  Apple iOS 10 had also brought a feature that selects the right emoji based on what you write and this service works well in both English and Spanish.

Had Allo followed Apple’s strategy, it would not have faced such severe criticism and would have gained considerable success.


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