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Google Cast Is Now ‘Google Home’ [APK Download]

Google Cast app users has started getting notifications from earlier this month that the app will be re-branded in following apps and now these changes have completed. The application has been updated today and it has a completely redesigned interface having all new icons. Only negative thing with this is—unlike other icons with Android 7.1, the Home icon is not rounded. Google has, however, removed what’s On, Devices and Get Apps tabs and changed this in a single Watch and Discover feature.

For the remaining part of the interface, the search bar has been removed and Google has introduced a FAB button in the right hand corner of screen. The new application has just two tabs “Watch” and “Discover”. This updated will be launched in droves, but can be downloaded from APK Geeks.

The app icons have been completely overhauled and it gives a feel of Google. The icon has all Google colors. Google Cast, thus, has come a long way after the launch of Chromecast.  It’s design is much more sleek and elegant and improved functionalities. With this, it’s clear that Google wants to bring all Chromecast products under one umbrella.

The latest update makes the app compatible with the Google Home hardware and Chromecast Ultra. The app, which was previously called Chromecast, is now Artificial Intelligence- and smart home-compatible. Google is trying to rival Amazon Echo with Google Home. Apple has also brought its Home Kit-enabled services under single app called Apple Home. So you will certainly enjoy this update if you have been a Google fan.


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