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Google Maps for Android 9.3 Now Available for Download [APK included]

Google has started to release a new iteration of its Google Maps app for Android devices, namely version 9.3. In the new update Google introduces some appealing improvements such as shareable directions that allows the Goggle Maps users to share directions with any app in the normal share menu.

To share your directions you need to select your location, then chose a destination and hit the 3 dots in the top right of the application’s interface. From the top right will appear a pop up “Share” menu and from here you can choose how to share your directions.


Furthermore, the updated application comes with new permissions, as well as with access to Bluetooth settings and devices, and the run at start-up feature. In addition, the new iteration adds a few bug fixes and permanently dismiss GPS nag dialog.


The new app Google Maps version release has already begun to emerge in Google Play Store (Play Link ), though it might still take some time before it will automatically arrive on all smartphones or tablets out there. Alternatively, you can download the Google Maps Version 9.3 APK (Download Link) file.

However, you can download the APK file by using the link from above and install it as any other APK file app on your device.


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