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Google Play Music Update: What’s New?

Google has announced to completely change its Play music streaming service in future. Play Music has also moved beyond the card-centric design to a new interface which has been designed around an album art having bright colors and vector graphics. It fills the entire window.  Google says in its blog:

“Google Play Music uses machine learning to figure out what music you like and then mixes in signals like location, activity, and the weather along with hand-picked playlists to personalize music for wherever you are and whenever you want tunes. Starting this week on Android, iOS and the web, the new experience will roll out globally (62 countries, to be precise).”

The new home screen will act as a “personal DJ” —which will learn what kind of music you love and also what kind of music you love in a particular place and time. For example, when you are working out and when you are walking, relaxing, commuting or enjoying.

The blog further says: “No connection? Lost in the desert? No problem. Well…except for the lost part (try Google Maps for that). When you subscribe, you’ll always be prepped with an offline playlist based on what you’ve listened to recently.”

To offer you  a different experience, the new Play Music will automatically download an offline playlist based which you have recently listened. The app will be automatically downloading the playlist in the background.

According to observers, the music streaming war recently heated up and Apple and Spotify have already taken a lead in this direction and Google has watched the battle from sidelines, but now it has decided to gain a fair market share in music streaming market.

Elias Roman, lead product manager at Google Play Music, says: “To provide high quality music recommendations, we’ve plugged into the contextual tools backed by machine learning that power Google products.”Last year, Spotify launched a ‘Discover Weekly’ feature, that brings two hours of custom-made music recommendations, which has been specifically designed and developed as a unique playlist.

It is to be noted that Alphabet Inc’s Google is already overhauling the Google Play Store in order to help developers build their business. The overhaul is also related to machine learning based recommendations and a support from various payment platforms. The strategy is very much similar to Apple which has revamped it App store to increase the revenue for Developers.

The new platform will be launched via an update to the Play Music app, and it will be available to available in 62 countries across Android, iOS and web platforms this week. The Play Music will access information about you from other Google services and more you use it, better it will be for it to use Google Play Music habitually,


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