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Google’s Android N Preview Has A Hidden ‘Night Mode’ For Nighttime Viewing

Google Android N will have a Night Mode Feature

Google Android N will have a Night Mode Feature

The users of iOS had always taken proud in the fact that it had a Night Mode shift feature. Android smartphone users, too, can take a solace from the fact that they will also have the same feature very soon. The next version of Google’s developer preview of Android N is looking to add this feature in its Android smartphones and tablets.

This feature is quite popular; it changes the color temperature of your screen display at night. However, it is not clear whether Google wants to make it official or it’s just experimented for a while.

How to use the Night Mode feature in Android N

To use the Night Mode feature, you need to go to “System UI Tuner,” which is a hidden setting menu. You can activate it by holding down on the gear icon. Just wait for a vibration. It activates the System UI Tuner menu in the device’s main settings.

From the Settings, proceed to System UI Tuner, click Color and Appearance and then finally click the Night Mode. It’s possible to turn on and off manually.

Though, it would be premature to know about the Google’s plan for feature, but details would be rolled out later during May this year.

Users got a hint of such feature in the developer preview of Android N last year, but it was not included in the final release. The feature has again made a comeback in Android N and now is very much part of the UI.

What can you expect?

With this feature, Android smartphone users may get you the same dark them option. You can adjust the display tint and brightness. The feature is quite useful as it will automatically turn on in night and turn off in days.

Thus, you are saved from the sudden fluctuation in the brightness of the phone. It provides the freedom to turn on tint even when using Light UI.

There are a plenty of things you can do this with an update: If you wish to have a light UI, but a red filter, you can do it. This year Google seems to compensate for the disappointment caused last year. However, the biggest question is whether all existing options: brightness, filter, black will be presentand in what extent. Whatever happens, but it has certainly added to the excitement of Android lovers. They will be waiting for the final version even more patiently.


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