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Is Antivirus Software Really Required For Android?

Do I need to install an anti-virus app on my Android device? This is one of the most frequently asked questions and a great majority of people decide to install the anti-virus apps to be on a safer side. This is also true that Apple has tarnished the image of Android by posing it a virus-infested bug of malware. But is this really true? Do anti-virus apps really do something serious on the security part? You’ll get the answer right here in this article.

According to Android security chief Adrian Ludwig, the answer is “No”. Just prior to the Google I/O developer conference earlier this year, Ludwig told reporters: “Do I think the average user on Android needs to install antivirus apps? Absolutely not. I don’t think 99 percent plus of users get any kind of benefit from them.”

What Are Android Viruses?

A virus is typically referred as a kind of malicious software or program, just like other viruses pose threat to the PCs for decades. As the Android platform has developed and become more widely used, the more is the likelihood of possible threats to the system. Viruses don’t really infect Android, because they don’t self-replicate, but the term gets used nevertheless.

And it is pretty much common to read about serious infections by viruses to Android devices. According to Ludwig, this is just a way to scare the users to install an app.

Where Does Android Malware Come From?

The primary target of these malwares and scams is Google Play Store. This is because it is the central app control system that fetches content on an Android device from external world. The large volume of apps uploaded (and downloaded) per day, in addition to absence of wide-ranging policing, makes it an easy target.

However, there could be several other sources of viruses and malware. For instance, emails with attachments, MMSs that get automatically downloaded, hacks on popular apps such as WhatsApp, phishing scams, fake apps, APKs you’ve installed other than Play Store or clicking doubtful download links, and many others.

What Is The Risk Of Malware And Viruses?

The amount of risk malware carries for your device actually varies. In simple cases, it will just display ads to your smartphone, which is not harmful but may be annoying. In grave cases, bad software can copy sites or apps you generally work on, stealing your password or credit card details.

One of the most widely found security risks is in apps from the Play Store that present themselves as reputable apps and carry the exact same name and icon as the original one.

What The Signs Of Malware Infection?

Many times you may not be able to find that your device is infected. In serious cases, it could be high credit card bills, or unusual response from your device. And there is no hacker who would love letting you know that your device is infected.

There can be a lot of options that can be explored along with installing an Android anti-virus app. Always remember that the best defense is a good offense so start following safe practices to keep viruses at bay.

What Are Antivirus Apps?

As their names indicate, these apps are meant to locate threats to an Android device. There are hundreds of antivirus apps available for free from the Google Play Store and you can choose whichever you find the best.

These anti-virus apps work very much similar to other typical anti-virus apps for computers. Once you install them, they can be used to scan the files on the device phone for sneaky software one may have inadvertently downloaded, and the antivirus app will highlight all the problems.

Contrary to Windows or Mac-based antivirus software, Android antivirus apps do not automatically eliminate harmful software for you. Not all virus definitions are latest and not all antivirus apps carry the same features. The good news is that they quite often provide a lot of extra features that can be truly beneficial, such as backup solutions and remote wipe features.

What Is The Conclusion?

The actual truth is that there is no way you can avoid thieves, hackers, bandits and hoodlums from attacking your device. And it is also true the more popular a platform is, the great the chances of getting infected. Does this mean one shouldn’t download an anti-virus app? That’s really up to your wisdom.

If you’re still confused, the option is to install an app and scan the device once in a while followed by removing the app. However, there is no real harm in installing an anti-virus app other than consuming a bit of your phone’s memory. So, you can choose to go for them.

If you know any wonderful Android anti-virus app, please let us know below.


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