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Do You Know ‘Enhanced Features’ Enabled in RCS for Messaging?

Not many days before, Google Messenger 2.0 dropped hints about Rich Communication Services, commonly termed RCS.The service adds a string of useful features to SMS, which are quite similar to those found in Apple’s iMessage. Google has now flipped a server-side switch for RCS, factoring in the preferences of a select few.

Last year, Jibe Mobile, a startup with an RCS platform, was purchased by the Mountain View-based company. Messenger is the very first Google app that supports RCS.

Google has been displaying small popup messages to inform Messenger users about enabling of RCS. These messages allow the ‘enhanced messaging features’ to be turned on. Battery optimizations need to be turned off for Messenger.

Once you do so, you have three options to toggle in settings –

  • Enable enhanced features
  • Send read receipts
  • Show typing indicators

If you have problems facing what to choose, the short description should be enough.

Currently, experts have picked changes on two Pixel XLs and a Nexus 6P. You will find one Pixel XL on Project Fi, and the Nexus 6P and the other XL on Sprint. Carriers, on their part, need to give green signal on their end. As for the US, this has already been done by AT&T, T-Mobile, MetroPCS, and Sprint.

There is a great possibility that Google is testing this feature on a limited number of Google Messenger users before rolling it out for different subscribers except Verizon. This move was long expected from Google after it acquired messaging startup Jibe Mobile that was working with the RCS platform


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