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Lineage OS is Getting an Official Logo

Using a custom ROM OS, gives us more choices, freedom, and a unique mobile experience. CyanogenMod started as an open source ROM with more features and more control of the Android operating system and for fixing many issues from manufacturers on Android devices. With the closing of CyanogenMod, Lineage OS is picking up the work from where CyanogenMod left it. The new OS being just a few weeks old, there are still many things to fall into place. After having received the Lineage OS name, now it’s getting an official logo image with three interconnected circles and a greenish background.

Formed in 2013 by Steve Kondik together with other developers, Cyanogen Inc. started working directly with manufacturers like the OnePlus Company with the intention of bringing their ROM to more smartphones. Recently, an internal conflict between Kondik, the lead developer and Kirt McMaster, the company’s CEO led to breaking ties with their most noticeable partner, the OnePlus company. Consequently, Steve Kondik has left the company and Kirt McMaster was removed from the CEO position. Ultimately, Cyanogen Inc. has decided to stop maintaining and distributing the open project.

That means nightly builds, development, and the financial support from Cyanogen Inc. stopped.  For the moment there are just a few details, but it seems that the company will focus on a project called the Cyanogen Modular OS program.However, the source code of the CyanogenMod project remains online and open for developers who want to take up the project and build their own Android versions.

New Lineage OS will be a fork from CyanogenMod project, created by several members of the CyanogenMod team and it should maintain the same great features and functionalities at its base level. Until we have updates for Lineage OS, just as a backup, you should download the latest version of CyanogenMod for your Android device now.

For most users that are using current stable builds of CyanogenMod should be safe using their device, but, they won’t get any future updates.For users using nightly builds that usually are experimental and unstable, they should download the latest reliable build for their device.

You will find here a mirror of recent nightlies and here a collection of snapshots for different smartphones.


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