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Nexar’s Dashcam App Is Free, But At The Cost Of Your Data

There is hardly any possibility of getting any flying car soon, but self-driving cars will certainly be a reality. They will have sensors to keep us safe and we will be engaged in playing Pokemon Go cruising down the highway. But this will certainly take time. The point to know that your phones already have sensors and owning a device is much cheaper compared to buying a car. This is where Nexar’s dashcam app comes in. There is mount costing $7 that holds a phone, the free app uses your Gizmo’s onboard acceleratometer, camera and microphone.

Wired, a reputable magazine writes: “This is the biggest promise of vehicle-to-vehicle technology so they behave more like a school of fish than a collection of selfish, berserk rhinos” This is the advances of connected or vehicle to vehicle technology that can reduce the chances of direct collisions on roads.

“We’re about trying to build a new, scalable and also democratic mechanism to prevent collisions,” says Eran Shir, Nexar’s founder and CEO.

The biggest advantage with Nexar is that the vehicle to vehicle network will alert folks of accidents just a second before which allows you to avoid such scenarios on the road. For example, if someone does a hard stop, you’ll get an alert about it. If other drivers are using this app, you will get a ping about it. This app also uses machine learning so overtime, the prediction of the app will only get better. The service will be launched in both San Francisco and New York and will be available in both iOS and Android.

According to website, this is not a free lunch, Nexar app constantly uses your phone’s camera to survey the road and sends data to Israel based servers to analyze it. If you opt for the app that means Nexa has every right to do whatever they want to do with the data, it can even sell it third party.

Insurance companies have already approached it to offer people rewards for good driving. National Highway Transportation Safety Administration is also trying to get data after a formal agreement.

When Nexar had launched this app, its motive was to capture and save encounters on the road. The company has been very much successful in its goal. The app  detects things like hard braking events and starts recording, so it has learned what type of conditions results in crashes. This has helped resolve 200 insurance claims so far. The company is planning to launch driving scores and tied to license numbers.

The company has a view that in a region where just four percent of vehicles use the Nexar app will be sufficient to minimize sudden crashes before they happen.

Though this can solve many of the traffic related problems, but it requires building this technology into every car which will take a long time. But, it will certainly encourage many more players to come with the system.


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