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Download APK for Official Facebook Lite app for Android

The new Facebook Lite app has received an upgrade recently. The new version for Android has been termed as

You might have probably known that the official application of Facebook comes in a bit heavier size of 30 MB on the device, loads at slow speed, and that’s why in order to have complete access to the various functions of the application, you need two distinct applications to message your contacts and friends.

If you own a bugged Android device or have internet connection with 2G speed then FacebookLite is just the perfect app and a great Facebook alternative. Not only this application is alternative to the heavy app, it is very fast to install, weighs less than 1 MP and is quick to load with better data management. The application has been specifically designed for 2G network supporting devices and those with limited network connectivity.

One can consider the Facebook lite as a basic and low-fi version of the official Facebook application which actually acts as a wrapper for Android applications. Weighing just 265 KB in size, the application works great with devices that have slow processing speed or users who still have slow 2G internet connection.

The application offers basic utility operations in UI designing, functionality, and a complete list of the main components that come integrated in the original application including the Messenger, Groups, Pages etc. There is also a notification support center enabling the users to receive different notifications like news feed, messages, tags or mentions from their Facebook app.

If you own a slow internet connection device or do not want to download the heavyweight Facebook app, then you can download the Facebook Lite Application on your Android device. To take and download the APK version for the same, get it from below mentioned link:

  • Download APK: Facebook Lite APK
  • File name: com.facebook.lite-
  • Version: (10)
  • File size: 0.27 MB

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