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One-Click Root Solution for Samsung Galaxy S3, S2, Note 2, Camera (Step-by-Step Root Guide Included) (Time Taken: 33 mnts)

The smartphones’ world now is bigger than what we had ever imagined, and the Android users want to obtain more and more remarkable performances from their Android devices. The latest high end Android devices have the possibility to offer more than they are limited by the factory restrictions.

That’s why to improve the features, flashing new custom ROMs, installing the latest root is required. To receive various apps or to enjoy the latest features available, the root access is necessary. First of all, you need to obtain the root access in your internal Android’s system.

The root access, as probably you’re familiar with this term, is a complex operation for your device, and it is clarified here that it can be obtained by Advanced Android users, who know very well what should be done with the device.

Sometimes, when we try to obtain the root access in our smartphones and while doing so, if we don’t follow the correct procedure for our specific device, we might end up in breaking our device.

When you’re rooting the device, your warranty goes void, and you should keep it in your mind and give all the attention regarding the changes that you’ll do in your device. In order to avoid this kind of unpleasant situations, we’re sharing with you a One-Click Tool, which comes with a safe and easy method to obtain the root access for your Android device.

Unfortunately, this One-Click Tool can’t obtain the root access for all the Android devices, and it works only for a few, devices, which we’ve listed below:

This tutorial, like the title says, is a step-by-step tutorial for most important Samsung devices. So, we will teach you how to root your Samsung Galaxy S2, S3, Note and Note 2, Samsung Galaxy Camera and others. The guide is not hard to be understood. There are only a few steps, but is very important not to skip any of them and to follow the order correctly.

So, with this One-Click Tool solution, you can obtain root access for your Android OS with a single application that works well for you.

Before starting our tutorial you have to verify the list with the supported and compatible devices, and if your device isn’t in this list, you can’t apply this root method for your device.

So, don’t apply this procedure with One-Click Tool, if your smartphone or tablet isn’t mentioned in the below list:
After you’ve verified the list and, your Samsung Android device is compatible and it is supported by The One-Click Tool, you need to follow some pre-requisites and guidelines that are listed here:

  • Back-up the data from your device, even if the system isn’t wiped out by this one-click method. If something doesn’t work well and your device refused to boot, in that case how will your data remain safe. It is a good idea to back-up your personal data before you begin to make any changes in your device.
  • You can back-up your SMSCall Logs, you need sync your contacts, your market applications, the Internet settings, your current ROM, the EFS folder and any other images or video files that you have stored in the device’ internal memory.
  • When you Root your device, the warranty for it will become void.
  • Verify the device’ battery and it must be more than 70% to complete this operation.
  • From the following path: “Settings -> Device Information -> Enable USB Debugging Mode” you have to enable the USB debugging option to ensure the connection between the PC and your Android device.
  • Re-check the list with the supported devices before you start to do any change on your Samsung device.
  • All the instructions and information listed in this article are provided only for instructional and educational purposes. We can’t be blamed or held responsible for any changes that you encounter in your device while trying to root it.

How to Root Samsung devices with One Click tool- step by step guide:

  1. Download the Framaroot app from here and save it in your Samsung device. The Framaroot app is the One-Click Tool that we’ll use in our tutorial.
  2. Install the APK file that has been downloaded previously on your Android device.
  3. Using the File Manager, from your Android device, search the APK file that you have downloaded and run the same.
  4. The installation for Framaroot app will start, and your Samsung Android device will be rooted.

Congratulation! That’s all! This is simply a rooting method and don’t forget that this root guide and solution can be applied only for specific and limited numbers of Samsung Android devices, the list is presented above.

This guide and One Click Tool was first presented and developed by XDA developer.
Now, after you obtained the root access in your Samsung device you can enjoy maximum potential that your device has.

You can flash the Custom Recovery image on it and all the application compatible with your device, which required the root access to be installed.
Please use our comment section below to share with us your thoughts and confusion if you have any while using this one-click method. You can also share your experience with the root access in your device.



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