How to Root and Install the Google Apps in Nabi 2 Tablet

If you want to root your Nabi 2 tablet, you can install Google Apps package on it. As you may know that the Google play Store are included in Google Apps package for Nabi 2. Keep in mind that the Google Apps package can be installed on the Nabi 2 tablet only if the device is rooted.… Read More »

How to Install ClockworkMod Recovery on Google Nexus 7

If you want know how to install custom ROMs on the Nexus 7 Tablet, first you must to install ClockworkMod recovery on your device. In this article, we will share with you a tutorial about how to flash ClockWorkMod recovery on your Google Nexus 7 Tablet. Then you have been installed ClockWorkMod, after you can… Read More »

How to Install TWRP Recovery on Google Nexus 7

TWRP team has released for the Google Nexus tablet the official TWRP recovery. In fact, TWRP is a custom recovery which let us install custom ROMs on our devices. Besides this there is another great advantage of getting this installation which are the improvements that come along with it like a better touch-adapted UI, inbuilt… Read More »

How to Root, UnRoot, Backup, Unlock, Install Recovery Google Nexus 7

The technology has really revolutionized our imaginative power. Everyday something is either invented or introduced that makes our life simpler and comfortable. Did you know that now with just a click you can root, unroot, backup, restore and unlock/lock the boot loader for your Nexus 7 Tablet device. You can install the APKs, and flash… Read More »

How to Root Galaxy Note 2 N7100

Rooting smartphones is not a new trend. If you root Galaxy Note 2 N7100, it is quite possible that you will learn how to install the new custom ROMs that is about to come in future. Pre-requisites: This rooting process work only for Samsung Galaxy Note 2 international version, model number N7100. For checking the… Read More »

How to Reset Android phones to Increase Space and Speed

When you restore your device software back to the previous version which was there when you had purchased the device this means that you made a factory reset. Generally, we speak about  two types of reset options for your android device: The first method is Soft Reset: With this method, you reset your device to the… Read More »

Sync Contacts on Android with Gmail Account

By customizing your android device, you can get immense benefits. It also helps in syncing your contacts stored on your device with the device’ designated Gmail account. This method will help you to keep your contacts from the phone, or Google plus contacts synchronized with your Gmail account. You can easily perform all new changes… Read More »

Download Call Logs Backup & Restore App For Android devices

The ‘Call Logs Backup & Restore’ is a free application for smartphones with Android based operation system that allows the clients to backup call logs directly on the internal device SD card. Simply you should to create a special folder where call log backup will be stored. The backup is stored by default in /sdcard/CallLogBackupRestore… Read More »

How to Root Verizon Samsung Galaxy S3 I535

To root your Verizon Galaxy S3 smartphone device, you will need read and follow all instructions listed below, and when the process completes you’ll also be able to flash CWM Recovery image on your device. This tutorial will help you to learn how to successfully root Verizon Galaxy S3 device using the Odin application and… Read More »

Download Google Translate for Android

Google translate for android is a very useful application when you use smartphone based on Android operating system. It is an application that helps us to quickly translate words or phrases in more than 64 languages. With his speed, but also the stability that has, Google Translate for Android is an application that is among the… Read More »

How to Root ASUS Transformer TF300T on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean

Anyone who has updated his ASUS Transformer Jellybean TFT300T with the latest firmware can now root his tablet as well. Once you have rooted your tablet, you can install custom ROMs that support the applications. But when the tablet isn’t rooted you can’t install. The rooting improves the user’s experience. With the root access,… Read More »