The Beginner’s Guide to Buying the Right Bluetooth Headset

If you’re searching for the perfect Bluetooth headset, it is important for you to know that there is no “perfect” headset. In general electronics sector, the selection of a particular product depends on one’s personal preferences and budget. Therefore, to get the best out of your investment, the best thing to do is to take… Read More »

How to hard reset Nokia 8

Nokia 8 is one the latest smartphones developed by Nokia. There is a general through that it is the most powerful Nokia smartphone launched this year. And learning more on tweaking this device is full of fun and knowledge. If you’re planning to customize and optimize your Nokia 8, it is necessary to first learn… Read More »

How to Get More Storage on Android Using a microSD Card

Storage is an important aspect of any smartphone. Though majority of manufacturers provide enough internal storage, there are many that don’t follow the same practice. In an Android smartphone, the OS itself consumes around 6 GB which makes it very much tough for users to get space for multimedia objects. If you’ve a phone that… Read More »

How to disable the Bixby button on the Samsung Galaxy S8, S8+ and Note 8

In the latest Galaxy S8, S8+ and Note 8, Samsung has brought up a new physical hardware button meant for Bixby virtual assistant. However, the world’s leading smartphone manufacturer has brawled to avert it from being remapped or reprogrammed, but gratefully Samsung now eventually allows users to disable the Bixby button. Let’s know how. When… Read More »

Flash Android 6.0.1 Blueborne Security Patch for Verizon Galaxy Note 4

Verizon has commended releasing the Security Fix for the Blueborne threat to make Verizon Galaxy Note 4 devices safe against any malicious spasms. If you wish to understand how you can flash this new update, refer to the article below. Blueborne Security Patch intends tofix a major Bluetooth vulnerability recently founded on Android devices. If… Read More »

4 Amazing Android TV Tricks You Don’t Know About

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5 Android Features You’ve Never Heard Of

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An Introduction to The Confusing World Of Emoji

Over the past few years, emoji have witnessed tremendous change and became extremely popular. Unfortunately, a large number of people don’t try to use them due to a lot of misunderstandings. Phone manufacturers like to put their own turn on the little icons, which can revolutionize the meaning drastically across platforms. Without much complexity, here’s… Read More »

How to Enter Nokia 8 into Recovery Mode

Nokia 8 is the first high-end smartphone from HMD Global Companycoming with Android Nougat right from the box. Since it runs on the Android OS, it comes with a built-in recovery mode. The recovery mode cannot be accessed by using built-in settings, through a dedicated reboot sequence. The recovery mode is to some extent a… Read More »

Android Marshmallow Problems And How To Fix Them

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How To Deal With ‘Unfortunately App Has Stopped’ Errors

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How to Stop Apps From Updating Automatically In Google Play

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Now It’s Time to Ditch Google Maps

No doubt Google Maps is the most preferred navigation platform for users, but that does not means it’s flawless. Waze app is more accurate when it comes to traffic and navigation route information, and many more information. The app offers a reliable alternative for Google Maps. It’s superior to Google Maps, and certainly in terms… Read More »