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How to Root almost any Android device using Unlock-Root method


If you wish to acquire maximum potential for your Android device, you probably want to root your device in order to have the total control on your mobile OS. The rooting procedures are quite complicated because there are many steps and instructions to be followed in order to obtain full advantages from your device.

Today we will present you an easy and simple guide to root your device. This guide will assist you to root almost all the Android based devices available in the market. So, following this tutorial you will be able to easily obtain root control for your smartphone or tablet based on Android.

In this article we will teach you one click root guide with Unlock-Root tool, this great tool has been developed and shared with all users who need a complete root method without using complex and risky operations or tutorials.

Like in other root procedures, to obtain the root access is not a simple operation for your Android device and that’s why, you need to follow and read careful all the steps to apply in their correct order, in order to avoid losing any important data or breaking the device.

This root solution, based on one click method, using Unlock-Root tool, might not work for all Android device. Some devices available in the market are not designed to support Unlock-Root tool root method, and if in the end you notice that your Android smartphone or tablet is without root access, you need to search the proper rooting tutorial for your device. For the Samsung devise you can try one easy one-click root method that we presented in other tutorial from the link.

The root access must be obtained by the Android users who want to obtain more from their Android devices, for the application that requires root access if you want to flash a custom ROM in your device, or if you need to install a custom Recovery tool like CWM recovery tool, in your device. This guide can be used if you want to remove the factory restrictions and all the default restrictions and customization that you don’t have the possibility to change them.

Pre-requisites and Guidelines:

  • When you apply this root method, your device’ warranty will become void because this operation isn’t an official operation. You can restore your device’ warranty if you do a downgrade to the stock ROM, or if you update on your device  official firmware, or the other way to restore your device’ warranty is that you can reset the flash counter, if you’ll apply an un-root method on your device.
  • Back-up all your important data, which is stored in the internal memory storage on your smartphone or tablet, this back-up has to be made before you begin the rooting process. In order to save your important data you can back-up your SMS, call logs history, Internet connection, your contacts, images, videos documents and all the data that you think are important for you.
  • From the following path “Menu -> Settings -> Applications -> Development -> USB debugging”, enable the USB debugging option on your Android device.
  • Verify, if your battery has enough power left. The device must be more than 70% charged otherwise the phone may shut down during the rooting process. This may either damage your device or destroy your data.
  • You need a Windows computer and the original device’ USB cable.
  • Disable/deactivate the security applications, which are running in your PC and Android device, programs like antivirus or firewall as it may interfere during the rooting process.
  • Apply all the instructions and this guide only for Android based devices as they permit the one-click root method.

All the information and the instructions listed in this tutorial are only for educational and instructional purposes, the team shall never be held liable or responsible for any data lose or damage to your device that occurs during the rooting process.

How to Easily Root almost any Android device using the Unlock-Root method – Guide:

  1. Firstly, download the unlock-root tool from here, there are two variant, one is free-version and another is a paid variant. Here we use the free version.
  2. Save the tool in your PC.
  3. Install the e unlock-root tool on your computer.
  4.  Run the executable (.exe) file.
  5. Now, you have to download and install your device’ driver on your PC.
  6. Using the USB cable, connect your device to the PC.
  7. Now, from the Unlock-Root tool interface click on the “root” button
  8. There you will see a list of the supported devices.
  9.  From the displayed list select your Android device.
  10. Start the rooting process, when the rooting process completes, you’ll receive a confirmation message
  11. Disconnect your device, removing the USB cable from the PC.
  12. Reboot your device.

That’s all! Congratulations! Now you have successfully learnt how to root your Android device using Unlock-Root method. Now, you can use your root privileges to flash available custom ROM firmware, to install custom recovery images, install the root-only applications and all customizations that you want to do in your device to improve its performances.

Let us know in our comment section, if this simple root method worked for your device. Waiting for your response. Happy reading!



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