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Swappa, now is the place and the new alternative where the XDA members can to buy and sells phones and tablets devices. After the XDA shut down its Marketplace forums a few months ago, now they have been found a perfect alternative for replace the market place, now is one new simply, and a perfect place to buy and send the mobile device. This place is

If you don’t know the Swappa is a market which was launched in December 2010 and is the place where you can buy or sell Android devices, only if the devices are functional, the selling devices is free and is easy to use the swappa service. You can buy the devices in an easy way, also. There is no confusion, it is a secure place and has a full listing  prices included for the available devices.

Every day with Swappa, hundreds-of-thousands of new Android users create new accounts and sell or buy their device. Swappa wants to help all the Android users to found a new home for their Android devices. Like an amazing advocate over the years, swappa continue to be a great resource for the Android users’ community. There are strict rules, and with these rules the swappa services ensure the quality for the devices and a safety buy process. The prices place is a good competitive price place, and you can find cheap devices with a great quality.

In terms of components to the partnership between Swappa and XDA you will find:

If you’re an XDA user already, then you can sing in to Swappa with your XDA username and password, also you are permitted to link a device you already listed on Swappa site in your XDA signature, for the moment one device at a time.

In a period of time, in the next few months you’ll receive a notice about the Swappa integration on XDA.

Like I said before the listing on Swappa is free, but if you buy a device you’ll pay $10 per successful sale, this cost will be automatically added to the price of the devices when it’s published for sale. You can try the Swappa service from the bellow link, and we think the $10 is not a big cost for a secure transaction

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