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How To Transfer Apps Between Android Phones Via Bluetooth

Whenever it comes to define the smartness of Android smartphones, a majority of people point towards various fabulous apps available on Google Play Store. From accessing latest news to booking a cab, there is an app for almost every job we used to in our daily life both personal as well as professional. To download these apps, all you need is an internet connection and you can choose to explore the world of wonderful apps available on Google Play Store.

But what if you don’t have internet and you wish to get an app that your friend’s device has. No worries. Now one can easily transfer the applications from one Android device to another via Bluetooth. And the best part is that you can transfer paid apps too. But the app changes back to free/trial version once you run Google Play on your device.

What you need?

To make apps transfer possible from your device, you need to have an APK extractor installed on your phone. It is small and free app that you can easily download from the Play Store.

What’s the process?

  1. Open the APK Extractor app you installed on your Android smartphone. It’ll enable you scan through list of all apps that are currently installed and active on your device. This is the first step to do before you start transferring any app to another Android device via Bluetooth.
  2. Choose the application that you wish to share with another Android device. Now just tap and hold on the application till a pop-up menu comes up.
  3. From the given options on the menu, choose ‘Send APK’. The primary job of this APK Extractor app is to convert, extract and compress the application you wish to share into an installable APK file that you can send to the other device.
  4. After this, you’ll be asked to specify how you want to share the app. Choose ‘Bluetooth’ from the options.
  5. If Bluetooth is turned off in your phone, turn it on. Just choose the ‘Tap On’ option to do this. Make sure that Bluetooth is also turned on in another device. Once you’re done with this, the sending device will search for active Bluetooth devices and show then on the list.
  6. Now wait for the receiving android phone to accept the file (Bluetooth transfer), then open the APK file and install the app.

The most interesting thing about this app is that it allows people to share an app with devices that don’t have internet connection. So, now there is no need to forward the Google Play Store link to another person over chat or message as you can easily forward and APK package that can be easily installed. It is just a matter of few minutes depending on the size of app you’re transferring.


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