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How To Transfer Photos Between Android Phone And Computer

In today’s digital age smartphones have become the inherent partners of people in many ways. From making/receiving calls to information search, there are various activities that one can do on his smartphone. As camera is an inherent feature of smartphones, people love clicking and sharing pictures with their friends and family. But what if your device gets lost or broken?

This will definitely, increase the chances of losing your photos. It can become really disheartening to know you can’t get your pictures & videos back.

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The best possible way to avoid this situation is to create a back up of your phone data on your PC. To do this, it is suggested to use Android Transfer. With this software, you can easily create a backup of photos of your phone on your PC. You can also delete all pictures on your phone in batch or add new pictures to the device using Android Transfer.

How to transfer pictures between Android devices and PC

1. The first thing to do is to download and launch Android Transfer on your PC. Now connect your device to computer using USB cable or QR code.

2. When your phone gets connected, you can see all the related information on your PC.

3. Many times it gets difficult for users to get the file that contains your photos. But in case of Android Transfer, just choose “Photos” on the left column and all folders of your Android device are listed.

4. Import Photos to Android from Computer – Choose a folder as import destination and click “Add” icon on the top of the screen. Now choose pictures you wish to import from your PC in a pop up window.

5. Export Pictures from Android to Computer – just pick photos that you wish to transfer to the PC and click on “Export” on top of the screen. Choose export destination on the pop up window and you’re done.

With this procedure you can easily transfer your photos to your PC without the fear or losing your photos because of any mishap.


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