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How to Use Android Beam to Send Files and Photos

Do you wish to send large-size files and photos to a nearby device from your Android smartphone? By using Android Beam, one can easily transfer files form one device to another in no time. In other words, the app allows people to ‘beam’ files to their friends and family. However, both the devices must have NFC (Near-Field Communication) hardware to make it happen.

How to Check For Android Beam and NFC Hardware on Your Smartphone

Android Beam has been associated with Android since the launch of its Ice Cream Sandwich OS. Therefore, it may be possible that your smartphone or tablet has upgraded version of the OS. However, your phone may not have NFC hardware; it may be turned off by your particular wireless carrier. One needs to ensure that the device has functional NFC support, along with another phone, for Android Beam transfers to work.

Just go to your phone Settings and tap “More” in the Wireless & Networks section. If NFC is enabled, one should see a slider that can be used to turn it on or off. To check your phone’s NFC feature, this method is the best. If it is turned off, turn it on.

How to Transfer Files Using Android Beam

This is pretty much simple. One needs to put both the devices back to back against each other. Now select the files that you want to transfer to another device. If transfer is possible, one should see a “Touch to Beam” caption on top.

Now just touch the screen and the files, it will be quickly transferred to the other device, using NFC and a Bluetooth connection. It will give a confirmation in case of successful transfer. One would get a negative sound if the transfer fails to take place. It is important to keep in mind that it enables one way transfer which means if another device wants to transfer some content to your device, it should establish its own Android Beam connection.

Though there are various options available for smartphone owners to transfer images, videos and other files to another device, Android Beam presents a quick, easy, and futuristic way to transfer files between Android devices. Isn’t this true?

Do let us know if you’ve already used Android Beam in the past or plan to use the same in near future. Once you use this app, you will end up using this only for the quick transfer of all your images to another phone.


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