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Want To Know Why Samsung’s Mobile Chief Is Smiling

Samsung’s Management Elated By Impressive S7 and S7 Edge Sales Figures

The pre-order figures of Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge Android smartphones in China, India, and Europe have taken smartphone analysts by surprise. Both flagship Android smartphones have been on sale in global market after they were launched. Considering the positive reviews of the phone, analysts were optimistic that the sales figures would get a healthy boost, but they were not expecting such a huge response. The interest shown by consumers in these key markets has surprised them.

Market analysts and officials are even more surprised with the sales volume growth in the European market. According to sources, there is a huge jump of 250 percent in combined pre-sales order of the phone over the Galaxy S6 figures last time.

The data emanating from China is also encouraging. It’s reported that Galaxy S7 pre-order figure in China has already crossed the 10 million mark. The positive news coming out from key markets has surely elated the management, and especially Samsung mobile chief Ko Dong-jin. “I’ve gained confidence to do well after checking responses from major retailers and holding meetings with carriers in China.” said Samsung’s mobile chief in a rare press comment.

This assumes importance considering the fact that the market share of Samsung Galaxy has contracted in the key Chinese market due to stiff competition from low- cost rivals. This has led to a fall in the gross and net profit margin of the company.The company is currently ranked sixth with almost 8 percent market share.

In China, the world’s largest smartphone market has recently started to show signs of saturation and stagnation. Though it will be premature to predict that it will finally reinstate Samsung to the top position in the key Chinese market, but surely, it will help strengthen their position along with giving a solid boost to their earning figures.

However, it has to be noted that pre-order process in China is quite different from other partsof world. In China, it’s just about the expression of interest and not the actual sales order. This may result in a variation in the pre-order and actual sales figures. Despite that, the buzz generated in the world’s biggest smartphone market is quite encouraging.

Analysts have given credit to Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge’s minor improvements in feature behind the roaring success. The high quality camera feature, reintroduction of microSD card slot, good battery power, and water resistance are being touted as hot features. Samsung has also cut the price by 10 percent in some regions in order to boost sales. The strategy seems to have worked for the company.

The impressive sales figures will surely boost the balance sheet of the company in a big way. Another thing is that iPhone has been ruling in the smartphone crazy nation for quite some time. It seems as though company will be finally able to knock out iPhone to establish the supremacy of Android smartphone in China once again. Though Galaxy phones have not always succeeded, but when they do succeed; they do it impressively.

So it’s more like a renaissance moment for Samsung and the Android phone industry as a whole. ForSamsung’s Ko Dong-jin, the success matters even more as it has given him the reason to smile after a long time. And why not—it’s a well-deserved success.


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