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Top 10 Android Apps for 2012


Today in the end of 2012 year I will list for the top 2012 Android applications. The applications listed in this article are applications from different categories and doesn’t have a specific order or follow some criteria to be listed, is only a list with the applications which I believe was the best Android apps in 2012. If you have other proposals, please use our comment section and share with us your top 10 list Android application for this year, and in our future articles I will share with you another top.

SO, note that here is not about only the Android applications which are released in 2012 and I want to list the best applications which was used more and more with a huge success in this year, and I will list the applications randomly because is difficult to determine which app is better than others applications and this list will be always in change, because depends on what the users consider are the best Android applications,

I will find and write a short description for android application from different categories like music, communication, social, travel, widgets, Books & Reference, Comics, Business, Education, Entertainment, Lifestyle, News & Magazines, Finance, Libraries & Demo, Health & Fitness, Live Wallpaper, Medical, Video, Photography, Shopping, Social, Sports, Weather, Tools.

Some of the application below listed will work only with rooted Android devices.  So read carefully above to install the application instructions for using it.

Facebook app for Android

With Facebook application for Android device you can easy update and navigate in your Facebook profile, you can see what your joined friends in Facebook account are up to, like or share your photos and videos, easy to get notified when somebody give you like and comments on your activity or post in the Facebook profile.  You can also chat directly from your Android device and have group conversations. The Facebook app for android devices had a remarkable success in 2012 and was downloaded and installed by around of 500,000,000 users, and received the latest updated in December 13, 2012, you can get this application classified in social category and this application is only available for android users who have 13 ages or over.

Download and install Facebook app for Android from Google’s Play Store for free.

SwiftKey 3 Keyboard

The SwiftKey 3 Keyboard application is the best keyword for android devices, is no 1 selling application in more than 38 countries over the world, over 1.5 million SwiftKey 3 Keyboard app sold.

This powerful application understands how words work and which words can be the next giving much more predictions and more accurate corrections than other similar keywords application for android devices. SwiftKey 3 app learns the words from the previous typing and makes suggestions with the phrases you used before when you typing, you can use it for type faster your messages in the Emails, SMS, Facebook or Twitter or you can write your blog posts, etc.  The SwiftKey 3 application can be customize with different themes. It has support up to 42 languages.

When use SwiftKey 3 Keyboard application you can change and use very easily QWERTY, AZERTY, QWERTZ, QZERTY, COLEMAK, DVORAK, Arabic, Russian, Bulgarian, Korean, Greek, Hebrew, Persian (Farsi), and Ukrainian layouts. These options help you to use your applications from everywhere you are. There are for options for download SwiftKey 3 Keyboard

Yahoo! Messenger for Android

Yahoo! Messenger for Android has been developed to be almost the same as the yahoo messenger desktop version. Yahoo Messenger app for Android is faster, smarter and is made it unique for your android device, has Free Voice & Video calls functions, you can easily chat with your facebook friends, has a impressive feature to share photos and video with your yahoo contacts, you can chat with windows Live friends, using the Yahoo messenger for android you can stay online in the same time on both PC and the Android device, and you’ll receive messages only when you are active.

 Download and install Yahoo! Messenger for Android app for Android from Google’s Play Store for free.

Apex Launcher

The Apex Launcher offers almost everything you want from an Android launcher. When we speak about Apex Launcher app we speak about highly customization, Apex Launcher is fast, and powerful app, which helps you create and customizes your android home screen grid size, and you’ll find 9 different home-screens. In terms of customization has a scrollable dock, Infinite and elastic scrolling, various transition effects like tablet or cube, feature which helps you to hide elements for example, persistent search bar, or even the dock, status bar.  Advanced theme engine is included, option to lock your desktop to prevent some unexpected changes.

A powerful piece from Apex Launcher is the possibility to back-up its layout and data, so if you’ll want to flash a new ROM then you easily can restore all your previously home-screen icons, and you will have the same customization like before.  This app is optimized and is compatible with both phones and tablets Android devices.

If you’ll use the Apex Launcher Pro (Paid Version) you’ll be able to use different features available only with paid version, a few of these features are that multiple configurable drawer tabs, dock swipe gestures, two finger gestures, different transition effects, option to combine folder contents, etc.

 Download Apex Launcher Free from HERE.

Download Apex Launcher Pro for $3.99 from HERE.

 ES File Explorer File Manager

If you search a full-featured file and application manager for your Android device, then ES File Explorer is the perfect choice, because if you need a file manager, an application manager, a task killer, a cloud storage client compatible with Dropbox, Google Drive, SkyDrive,, Sugarsync, Yandex, Amazon S3, and Ubuntu One services, an FTP client, and Samba client, the ES File Explorer File Manager app combine all these functions and applications in this all-in-one application and all these for free. With this powerful tool you’ll have access at to yours personal pictures, videos file, documents, and any other files on your Android smartphone or tablet and your PC.

The ES File Explorer File Manager has been downloaded at more of 100 million times, and if you want to use it for the rooted devices this app comes with root access support also. You can use the ES File Explorer File Manager to edit, open or to administer any file stored in your Android device, this app can be used to install/ uninstall apps, backup your files or create categories applications and manage the applications installed with the shortcuts. If you need to manage compressing/decompressing zip and rar file, then this app has this feature.
ES File Explorer File Manager permits for its users to access their files stored in their Android device directly from their PCs.

Download and install ES File Explorer from Google Play Store.

Any.DO To Do List | Task List

Any.DO To Do List is a powerful Android application that users can use to create and establish task lists, grocery lists, plan events, set goals and various other objectives and after that they will be notified and with that great feature the Any. DO To Do List users can manage all their tasks to complete the actions stored in scheduled tasks on time.  Is a free application with the voice recognition included on it, you can use this feature to set different tasks using only your voice.

The Any.DO app can be customized with two themes, white and black, and it’s simple, beautiful, useful and fun application

 Download and install Any. DO app from Google Play Store.


Shazam is a free android application which can identify songs in a short time; you can preview or buy the track identified, get streaming lyrics and YouTube videos. Also, you can save and listen your preferred songs (30 seconds previews), you can buy tracks easily on Amazon MP3 songs, and the songs you love can be easily shared on Facebook and Twitter, the last update for this app is in December 3, 2012 and has around of 100,000,000 installations.

Download Shazam application from here.

Dolphin Browser for Android

Dolphin Browser is a powerful browser for all Android users is fast and easy to use. It is a free mobile browser and is downloaded by more of 50milion users.

The Dolphin Browser has many features like sonar, gesture, Add-ons, webzine, Speed dial, Tabbed browsing, Sidebars, Bookmark to SD, Password Manager Pro, Google Reader Notifier, etc.

Dolphin Sonar is a powerful feature for this browser, when you’ll use this feature you can use your voice to commands on Dolphin browser to access your activity on your browser, can search with your voice, you can share and in the same manner to navigate and all these by talking to Dolphin Browser.

Dolphin browser also comes with the gesture recognition, which is a powerful browsing experience for all the Android users; you can easily open and navigate your frequently visited websites only with a simple gesture on your android device display.

The last update for Dolphin Browser for Android was currently in November 20, 2012, and the actual version is 9.0.3, it is compatible wit Android 2.0.1 and up.

Download and install the Dolphin Browser for Android app from here

 Fruit Ninja Free

In our list,  we are including an exciting game for the Android users which this year has reached 100,000,000 installations, this game is named Fruit Ninja Free and is a juicy action game with squishy, splatty and satisfying fruit carnage! The Fruit Ninja game is the best slasher on Android. The player swipe up across the screen to deliciously slash fruit like a true ninja warrior. The current version is, require for Android version is Android 2.1 and up.

Download Fruit Ninja Free app for free


Is an android application that you can use only in USA, Cannada, UK, Ireland and Latin America, this application allows you to watch TV movies from your android device without using a cable TV provider or a computer for that, the internet connection are required and your smartphone become a great TV device. Is available for free but you’ll need to pay for movies and shows that you want to view.

The Netflix app has around of 50,000,000 installations, and the current version is 2.1.1 the last update was this year on December 18, 2012.

Download Netflix for Android from Google’s Play Store.

 Smart Tools

Smart tools is an all-in-one application package for measuring length, height, distance, direction, sound etc. The Smart Tools is provided by Smart Tools Co. and has 5 application sets with 15 tools integrated, you will find applications like Smart Ruler PRO which with this tool you’ll be able to measure Length, Angle, Slope, Thread and Level.

On the second set of tools you can find the Smart Measure Pro app, this app allows you to measure the areas, height, distances.

Other notable tool is Smart Compass Pro app, with this tool you can use your device as a compass, GPS or Metal Detector.

The next tool which we want to share with you from Smart Tools set is Sound Meter Pro tool has a great feature with sound level meter and vibrometer functions.

The Smart Tools app has 1.000.000 installations and you can download and instlalSmart Tools from Google’s Play Store for only $2.50.

These are all the apps shared by us for you that I found like the best top 10 android apps for 2012, and in case you have other suggestions, please use our comment section and post them, we will try to make another post with other top android application for this year or for the next year.


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