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The Android Source website was created with the intention to help visitors to find the best solutions, software, applications, news and “how to” tutorials for their Android based devices.

For all applications that we include in our site, we provide a download link that can point to the application page itself, on Google Play Store or on our host application website. This website is for completing free applications, or to give you information and links for a paid application directly on the developer’s website. All applications that are posted on the Android Source website are legal. We do not post any malicious applications or any crack here.

In addition, we provide numerous tutorials about how to update your Android device with stock or custom ROMs, the custom ROMs are developed by different developers and the Android Source Team cannot be held liable or responsible for any damage or brick of your device. This website provides information for educational purpose only. All your actions over your Android based device are on your own responsibility.

Regarding who “we” are – we are two degrees in software, and Computer Science. I’m Ion and the coding is my better passion. We are located in Romania, Arges.

The Android Source was released because of our passion about the mobile devices and blogging.

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