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5 Signs That Indicate Your Phone May be Tapped

You might have seen in many blockbuster movies that someone’s phone gets hacked and hackers get to know all the confidential data of the person in no time. You will be shocked to know this is not confined to real life only but it could happen in our lives as well. There are various signs that indicate that there is something wrong with the privacy of our device. Tapping smartphones is not a new chore as there have been millions of phones getting tapped every day. Let’s have a look at some of the clear signs that refer to phone tapping software running on the backend.

# 1 Battery Issues

In smartphones, the battery remains a critical component. As these devices are used for a host of things such as for accessing the internet, watching movies, chatting, and others, their batteries drain faster than a usual phone. And faster battery drainage is pretty much common in smartphones. However, it could also be an indication that unwanted software is running in the background, enabling someone to access your info.

In addition, be careful if your phone is not able to hold the charge. Playing high-end games and watching YouTube will consume your phone’s power, but if it’s constantly showing low, then something is wrong.

# 2 Augmented Data Usage

It doesn’t make sense to consider a smartphone without internet. Almost everything on a smartphone has a close link with the internet. But if you notice that there has an unprecedented increase in data consumption without any real usage at your end, there might be chances of a hacking software working behind. This is because the malicious software relies on data to send information to an outsider. So irrespective of your internet source, high data consumption may be suspicious in some cases.

# 3 Unwanted Ads and Apps

Downloading apps is pretty much common for smartphone users and in most cases they forget which app they downloaded last. However, it is important to keep a check on the smartphone apps your device has. If you find any unwanted app running in the background, get it removed as it could be harmful.

For example, there is a popular spy app named Hummer, which is actually a Trojan that affected millions of Android devices across the world.

# 4 Performance Lags

HummingBad is also a Trojan of the similar category that affected around 10 million people. Similar to Hummer, it typically finds its way onto a device when a user unintentionally downloads an app that’s meant for something else — a fraudulent version of YouTube or WhatsApp, for instance.

If you come across surprised performance lags, it is necessary that you check the apps running in the background.

# 5 Bizarre Texts

If you receive a call from a strange number you’re not aware of, this could be a sign of a spam, nuisance, or a wrong number and this is when you should be careful about it. Suspicious SMS texts from seemingly-randomized series of digits, characters, and symbols are considered malicious and should be reported.


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