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Download AppBak to backup & restore for installed Android applications

If you want to make a backup for all your Android applications, the AppBack is a perfect application that can be used for backup Android applications. You can download from Google play Store and it is a free Android application.

If you ask yourself how to use AppBack to backup and restore all your android application installed on your device, I will try  to give you some useful information about the backup and restore app from your Android device.

This application is perfect when you are usually installing custom ROMs, which that have a special require to data wipe/factory reset option to be applied on your device.

It is very usefully when you have/find a new custom ROM, and you cannot applied in your device because you think you’ll lose all your installed applications, and after you should reinstall all your applications again, the installation of new custom ROM will remove all installed applications on your device.

AppBack app, in fact, it creates a text file where save information about all your installed applications, which you can use it later to reinstall all your Android applications from the market play easily by clicking one application, and you’ll be immediately redirected to Play Store where you can download the latest version for all your installed applications on your Android device.

Download AppBak application from Google Play Store here.


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