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Franco.Kernel Updater V2.1 Is Rolling Out With Night Mode, App Shortcut And Much More

Android users always keep demanding for the maximum control on their devices such as running franco.kernel. The franco.kernel update app gives you power to use the latest update and a lot of new features for devices running this kernel. There are display profiles, such as night shift mode and a few goodies for running Android Naugat.

Here’s a quick changes in FKUpdater v2.1:

  • Night Shift mode
  • Display profile
  • Improved brightness mode
  • Support for Pixel
  • Round icon support
  • Feature to set a default home path
  • Shortcut launcher
  • More beautiful UI based on the Material Design guidelines
  • Single tap Backup & Restore Kernels on the fly
  • Specific taskers intent
  • A simple file manager
  • Custom Kernel tuning
  • Quick tiles to augment performance profiles
  • Added all new Kernel knobs

Now why this update? Many users were annoyed with the Google removed official night mode support for Android .  FKUpdater v2.1 let you use the night shift mode to control the RGB display channels on any device with kernel support.  It enables you to create your own night mode schedule very much like Night Mode on the Pixel phone. Display profiles will also enable you create custom color settings for your device.

Talking about the performance parameters, there is a performance profile on the per-app basis. It allows you to change the system setting options on the go when you open certain apps. For example, running GPS navigation apps at a lower resolution and lower CPU clock to save power. System performance profiles can also be toggled by quick settings tiles and via app shortcut for Android 7.1 devices. It is one of the best tools of its kind—managing Kernels parameters has never been so easy.

Franco.Kernel also supports smartphones of the Nexus line and OnePlus devices. The Pixel support is available but it is not possible to auto-flash because TWRP support is lacking. The new version of FKUpdater is being launched in the Play Store, so keep c


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