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Google’s New Photoscan App Makes It Easy To Digitize Old Prints

Google has recently launched its new scanning app PhotoScan, now it is rolling out new and enhanced editing tools for its core Google Photos app. The new tool has brought it closer to the high-quality third party photo editing app. Google does not stop here, it has added machine learning.

It has always been a very powerful “Auto” enhancement mode which analyzes images and makes necessary adjustments to make images as good as possible. The latest update will make it even better. It will balance the exposure and other important parameters to make your photos shine before you decide them to share with other people. The auto adjustment feature allows doing impressive tweaks in photos which are extremely subtle in nature.

In case you want even more control on the look of images, but still don’t want to do manual editing, you can try out new looks feature in the tool. There are 12 new looks in total and each of them gives an amazing experience that had a wide range.  Applying these tweaks adds a unique feel in your images.

When you start your photo editing with the auto adjustment feature, photos will have improved manual control. You can also choose to use sliders to adjust exposure and contrast.

The new update will be rolled out in Play Store immediately, but it will be available in different regions in different time.

Best features

There are two very useful features “Deep Blue” and “Skin Tone,” that are related to selective saturation settings. The first one enables you to make skies and bodies of water more vibrant. Skin tone is most useful to increase the overall saturation level. It can help make your overall colors more natural.

Machine Learning

Google has used the machine learning to make its filters even smarter and the auto setting option can adjust exposure and white balance on the face of the subject.

A series of new filters named – which Google calls “Looks” has been introduced that uses machine learning to adjust your image automatically.  According to Google blog : “it studied different kinds of professional images – such as portrait, fashion, and street photography – for inspiration.”

Another thing is that Google is becoming smarter about the automated movies; you can make movies about specific themes.

Google Photos is for both iOS and Android and it has been completely redesigned set of editing tools and features.

If you are invited to share an album, it will direct you with suggestions from own photo album, thanks to machine learning technology.

Final thoughts

All said and done, this is the biggest and most impressive update to Google Photo app, and after the update, it is second to none in terms of feature.


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