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Download Odin 3.04 version

A new version for Odin application is now available, you can download Odin 3.04 version now from our site. This version is recommended to be used because a most recent one software version comes with the new features and has the bug fixes. The new ODIN 3.04 version is designed for the new Android devices.

In our guides and instructions tell you which ODIN version to use in the procedures and you’ll know which ODIN app to get.

This new version of ODIN 3.04 helps to install and flash on your Android smartphone or tablet, divers’ files, kernels, custom ROMs or other system files. If you want to install in your device a new custom ROM, or you want to root your device, then ODIN can help you.

ODIN 3.04 version is available only for windows, if you have other OS installed on your PC, you should to find an alternative for ODIN which is compatible with your OS.

An important thing is that, if you don’t use the ODIN app in correctly way, this software can be really dangerous for your device. If you make some checks in the wrong way when you install something, that can damage your Android device, that’s way be extremely carefully when you make some changes in your device using ODIN. (The re-partition shouldn’t be touched for your safe).

In the compatibility list ODIN has multiple devices, which are supported, all the Samsung Android devices are included too and can be flashed with the ODIN software (ODIN 3.04 version).

So I recommend you to download this powerful software using our below link and start to use it for flashing your Android device.

 Download ODIN 3.04 from here


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