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How Google Play Protect Is Making Your Android Device More Secure

This is another rebranding effort by Google. It has put all of its Android related security features under new umbrella: Google Play Protect, which is a new feature. So there is a new address of well-known security features plus some brand new features. Often people believe that Android is less secure and more prone to malware attack, which is perfectly true.

This is an attempt to educate users to tell them that what is safe and what you should not do. Google Play Protect is available in all running Google Play Services 11 or higher versions. Google Play Protect encompasses the all-things-security pack for Android. Currently it does just three things: app scanning, browser safety, and device tracking.

In fact, it’s like a cluster of security checks and certifications which is different from the certified badges for verified developers which was a way to signal that you can trust on this developer. Now that badge is replaced by the new Play Protect logo.  This will enhance the trust of the people.

This is like a real time scanner for all apps. You can use it before installing any app from the Play Store and also if you‘re using the app. Google will do this behind the scenes.  When something’s wrong, it will try to get your attention.

Before delving deeper, you should know how Google scans these apps. It’s done with the help of artificial intelligence technology which helps it scan millions of apps. Currently, 50 million apps are scanned every day, and because of the sheer number of data Google knows which app is behaving unusually and based on that it sends you notification that the app is harmful for you and can help you remove that app. Tap on Uninstall in the notification itself and the app will be removed from your device.

That was a much required step as security in Google Play Store is still much poor compared to its rival Apple App store. Though Google claims that it vets before the app is uploaded to the Play Store, the reality is far away from the claim. It is easier to get place in the Google Play Store.

There is no word from Google in this regard whether they are going to make the app approval process stronger. Now Google is much better in detecting the malware before it has already spread across millions of devices.

Two existing features — Chrome’s Safe Browsing protection and Android Device Manager (now called Find My Device) are also now rolled into Google Play Protect. It is supposed to be the all-things-security pack for Android.

In a nut shell,  Play Protect has been designed as a real-time scanner for all apps which can be  used before installing in the Play Store, Google does this behind the scenes, and automatically. When something’s wrong, it will attract your attention towards the anomaly which you can improve before hand.


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