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How to update Galaxy Nexus I9250 US Play Store variant to Official Android 4.2 OTA Firmware

Android 4.2 for Nexux 4 has received an official update. But those who have not received the official update.   They can do this after learning the article.  With this guide, you will be able to download and manually flash this last update on your Nexus I9250 device..


Verify your software update in your device following in the “Settings” app menu and there click on ‘About device’, and open Software Updates, If


  • Use this guide only if you’re an advanced Android user.
  • These all instructions and guide are only compatible with Samsung Galaxy Nexus I9250 or US Play Store version.
  • If your device are not running a stock firmware ROM, this flashing process will not work.
  • This new update with Android 4.2 SO can be flashed only from the stock image mode (CWM or TWRP),  you can flash a stock if you’re already having a custom recovery image. Choose the variant that corresponds with your device between yakju and takju. Copy the file to your smartphone’s device in internal SD card, and then boot the recovery mode and then install this file in the same way like you install any custom ROM.
  • It is not necessary to your Galaxy Nexus to be rooted or to have any other ROM customisation flashed on your smartphone.
  • Backup all your information and data and this is extremely important.
  • Verify your battery level to be more than 50%.
  • Enable USB debugging option in your smartphone.
  • In your computer, you need to install all required drivers to make the connection between Galaxy Nexus device and your PC.
  • This files can be flashed on your device only if you’re an advanced Android User. Reread and understand correctly all the above steps and instructions and after that you move to the next steps in our tutorial.

Guide to update Galaxy Nexus I9250 US Play Store variant to Official Android 4.2 OTA Firmware:

  1. First, you need to download the JOP40C OTA Android 4.2 Firmware from this link.
  2. Second, download Fastboot from here. This file contains the adb files.
  3. Now, extract the ‘Fastboot’ file and the content of this archive should be saved on your computer desktop.
  4. In this step, copy the OTA update file to Fastboot folder, you’ll need  5 files in the Fastboot directory.
  5. Now, shut down your smartphone and after that boot it into Stock Recovery mode. For doing that you need to press in the same time the following combination of buttons: Volume up + volume down + power button. Use the volume rocker buttons and ‘Recovery mode’ text shows up. Press to the Power button to load ‘Recovery mode’ mode.
  6. Now select ‘apply update from adb’ option from the stock recovery menu.
  7. Connect your device to your PC using the help of original USB cable that you have for your device.
  8. Open the Fastboot directory and after that press SHIFT key and simultaneously right-click on the ‘white space’ of the folder. Chose ‘open command window here’ from the menu and a command prompt CMD will appear on your window.
  9. There in the CMD window enter the next lines:                                                                                                                                                                                      adb devices – with this command you will detect your Nexus device. Move to enter the next command if your device is listed, if not reinstall the compatible drivers on your computer.                                                                                                                                                                                                      adb sideload – this command will flash your latest update.
  10. When the OTA update is installed successfully, all you need to do is to select ‘reboot system now’ option.
  11. Now your Nexus device will restart into Android 4.2 JOP40C Jelly Bean Firmware

Congratulations, you successfully learnt to update your Galaxy Nexus I9250 with the latest Google Android 4.2 firmware.




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