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How To Install Gmail 4.2 On Rooted Android device

The rooted Android devices has a lot of benefits and among these benefits is this you can install new application which required the root permissions, in this article I will teach you how to install Gmail 4.2 including pinch-to-zoom on your android devices that was rooted before. Gmail 4.2 isn’t a big update, but in the new version it includes two biggest options:

Pinch to zoom in your emails and swipe to archive, Swipe to delete, you can swipe left or right on the principal inbox screen where you can archive or delete your emails.  This to options maybe now don’t tell anything, but after you’ll begin to using the Gmail 4.2 version you’ll realize how useful it is this new update for your Gmail application.

In the next steps I will make a short tutorial about:

Download and install Gmail 4.2 on rooted Android device- tutorial:

Note:For be able to install the Gmail version 4.2, like I said before you need to have a rooted Android device.

  1. First download Gmail2.apk 
  2. Secondly make a backup for your Android system, that’s a save measure to don’t worry about your important data stored on your device.
  3. Thirdly, uninstall Gmail.apk and all other related Gmail apps from your Android device.
  4. Delete all Gmail files stored on your device, or move these files out of the internal device memory (system/app and data/app folders).
  5. After you deleted Gmail app, reboot your Android device.
  6. Copy and Pate the downloaded .apk file on your internal device memory
  7. Run this .apk file, immediately the system will start the installation process.
  8.   If the installation process doesn’t work then you need to enter in your SDK/Platform-Tools folder and there type the following command: Adb install Gmail2.apk
  9. Now, the installation process is automatically started.
  10.  The Gmail 4.2 application will be successfully installed on your device.

If you have issues to install the Gmail 4.2 apk, share with us your problems about the installation and we will make all the best to guide you.



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