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Unlock the Bootloader on the Galaxy Nexus – tutorial

How to Unlock the Bootloader on the Galaxy Nexus

You will learn how to unlock the Galaxy Nexus’ bootloader.  If you want to customize your Galaxy Nexus device. With a bootloader unlocked Galaxy Nexus your device can be rooted, you’ll be able to install custom recovery images .



You will need a computer with the Windows 7 or XP installed on it.

  • You will need to install the Android Debug Bridge (ADB).  If you have installed the Android Software Development Kit (SDK) in your PC, you should have the ADB executable installed.
  •  To install the Android SDK with ADB included you need to understand and follow the instructions listed here.
  • Create a full backup for your existing ROM installed in your device, and take a backup for all files stored in your device.
  • You need to disable all the security protections in both devices, PC and Galaxy Nexus, antivirus and firewall, Samsung KIES.
  • When you unlock the Nexus’s bootloader your warranty will be void.  (For any damage, we will not be held responsible if you decide to unlock your Galaxy Nexus’ bootloader is only at your own risk.

How to Unlock the Bootloader on the Galaxy Nexus

  1. First, install the Galaxy Nexus 4G LTE drivers to your window PC, download the drivers from here.
  2. From the next path: Settings > Applications > Development > USB Debugging enable the USB debugging option.
  3. After you have installed ADB, you need to put the “fastboot.exe” in the “ /tools folder“ inside the Android SDK installation folder.
  4. Download the fastboot.exe from here and copy it in the same folder as adb.exe.
  5. Now, connect your smartphone to the PC with the help of original USB cable.
  6. When the connection is done, open a command prompt (CMD) directly in the  directory where you placed the  adb.exe and fastboot.exe files and now are located (/tools or /platform-tools inside the Android SDK installation folder). Note:  To open a command prompt (CMD) window, you need to press and hold the Shift key from the keyboard and then make a right-click on the folder.
  7. Select “Open Command Prompt Here” from there in the context menu.  Now a CMD window will open.
  8. Now in CMD window type the following command: adb reboot bootloader  and press Enter from the keyboard.
  9. After you executed this command, your smartphone will be rebooted in the bootloader mode.
  10. Now, type in the CMD windows the following command: fastboot oem unlock and press the Enter key from the keyboard.
  11. Look in the  phone display where some policy notice is shown. If you want  or not to unlock the Galaxy Nexus’s bootloader.
  12. Now, using the Galaxy Nexus’s volume keys, navigate in the menu, select Yes and press the Power button for confirmation.
  13. That’s all you have successfully unlocked the Galaxy Nexus’s bootloader.
  14. After you unlocked the bootloader, the first boot take more time. In case your device gets stuck, or enters in a boot loop, or give you some errors. So, now you’re able to unlock the bootloader for the Galaxy Nexus device.

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