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The Best Siri Alternatives for Android in 2013

Today in our article we will present you 5 best SIRI application for Android, you need to know the Siri is an abbreviation for (English: Speech Interpretation and Recognition Interface),  in fact is an intelligent system which assist you speak to your smartphone, SIRI was originally introduced for Apple’s iOS, and it is available on official APP Store by Siri Inc, but today the SIRI is available for Blackberry and Android devices. I made a selection for you, and I want to tell you that is not a top with a chronological order because is hard to say this is the best SRI application, each application have a lot of functions and depends on each user what do they expect from the SIRI application.

Google Voice Search

With Voice search,  you can quickly search on your phone, search on the web, and nearby locations by speaking to it. You can easily call your contacts with your voice, getting directions and control the functions on your Android smartphone with Voice Actions. The current version is 2.1.4, and the minimum requires is Android 2.1.4 and up, has around 500 million installations and the number increasing day by day.

Download Google Voice search from here

Speaktoit Assistant

Talking buddy for your Android Smartphone or Speaktoit Assistant is an application with virtual buddy assistance for your android device. You can launch with this assistance app, you can find information, connect you with various web services like Google, Twitter, Facebook, Evernote and many others.The Speaktoit Assistant works with your Android smartphone to search for news and for images. You can find and get maps, look up weather reports, send emails, and so on with this app. A great feature is that you cannot memories special commands for use this application and has a friendly UI, simply speak or type in every language you want, and the buddy assistant will understand and will execute your command. The Speaktoit Assistant has an 4.6 average rating and the minimum requires is Android 2.1 and up, has around 5 million installations and the biggest advantage is that is a free application.

Download Speaktoit Assistant


Edwin is a powerful voice assistant Android app, and with the help of this app you can to tweet, making calls, text, translate, weather and convert and all this tasks with your voice. If you want to use this app then you are required to install SpeechSynthesis and TTS Extended apps all are totally free of cost applications. Edwin has a 4.1 average rating, REQUIRES ANDROID is minimum 2.1 and up, and with around 500K installation, this application is really cool speech-to-speech voice assistant & utility

Download edwin 

Skyvi (Siri for Android)

Skyvi (Siri for Android) is a great Android app which know everything from Local Businesses to Celebrities, with this app you can text/call friends, find places, make witty remarks, update Facebook and twitter, voice texting, you can easily fast find and call places or get directions, play music, call contacts local weather and time, Text by Voice, Ask questions with voice any more other features.

Skyvi has 4.5 average rating accorded by users who downloaded and installed this application, has minimum requires android 2.2 version and up, was installed by around 5 million users.

Download Skyvi

Robin, the Siri Challenger

Robin is a powerful voice assistant app for Android and helps you to get local information, GPS navigation, and communication.You can ask Robin for directions & local places, Facebook and twitter accounts, parking & traffic, gas prices & weather, text messages & jokes, reminders & alarms and much more. Now the current version for this app is 2.06, and for running this app, you have need minimum required android 2.06 versions, the users which installed this app, around 500 k, appreciated this app with 4.1 average rating.

Download Robin, the SIRI Challenger.

Note that all the download link listed in this tutorial are from Google’s Play Store and some of this application during the time can take some updates, or you should pay for some functions or features. Please use our comment section and share with us other SIRI application for Android.


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