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How to Install AmonRa Recovery on HTC Rezound

HTC Rezound AmonRa

A powerful alternative, for the HTC Rezound recovery image is AmonRa Style Recovery. These tools can be used for flashing: custom ROMs, custom Kernels or to update on your smartphone. If you want to flash a custom ROM, AmonRa recovery is necessary to be installed on your Rezound smartphone.I will  teach you how to flash AmonRa recovery on the HTC Rezound device.


  • All the instructions are compatible only with the HTC Rezound. Do not try to apply these for any other devices
  • You should be an adanced user of Android  for the same. Take the full backup for your data stored in your phone.

Install AmonRa Recovery on HTC Rezound- complete tutorial

  1. First, you need To unlock the bootloader on your HTC device.
  2. Then, download HTC Sync Software to install proper drivers for your smartphone.   Download file and save it in your PC.
  3. Install the HTC Sync software). This software will install the necessary drivers for your smartphone.
  4. Now, download AmonRa Recovery image from here (
  5. Extract the and obtain recovery-ra-vigor-3.15-gnm.img. file.
  6. Now, extract the (downloaded in the step 3) on your computer and obtain four files inside of this folder, named fastboot: (adb.exe, AdbWinApi.dll, AdbWinUsbApi.dll, fastboot.exe)
  7. Turn of the smartphone, and then reboot your phone in bootloader mode.  Press the same by putting your fingers down me Down + power keys to enter on fastboot mode; when the fastboot is displayed use the volume keys and select it using the Power button.
  8. Connect your smartphone to the PC using the original USB cable;
  9. Now from your PC, open the fastboot folder extracted before.
  10. Open an CMD (Command Prompt Window) inside of the fastboot folder, for doing that need to press “Shift + Right Click” on any empty white space inside of the fastboot folder and then select from the menu ‘Open command window here’.
  11. Now in the CMD window run the following commands and then press enter from the PC keyboard:

Fastboot devices

Note: After you entered this command, a string of random numbers and letters will be displayed. If nothing appears on the CMD window. It means you don’t have installed the proper drivers in your PC.

  • Now, keep the CMD open and copy and paste the recovery-ra-vigor-3.15-gnm.img (file obtainded before in step 7.)  to the fastboot folder, to to have 5 file inside of fastboot folder after you copied .img file.
  • Now, enter the next command in CMD and press Enter to install the AmonRa Recovery image on your smartphone:

fastboot flash recovery recovery-ra-vigor-3.15-gnm.img


  • When the flashing process is finished, you’ll get an OK message, reboot the smartphone with the following command and press enter in the CMD:

fastboot reboot 

Congratulations, you successfully learnt to  flash on your HTC Rezound the AmonRa recovery image.Now for verifying go to Recovery option and then select AmonRa recovery using the Power key.

Now with the AmonRa recovery flashed on your HTC Rezound.



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