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Samsung USB Drivers for Mobile Phones Free Download

Download Samsung USB Drivers Mobile Phones

A new release of Samsung USB Drivers for Mobile Phones is now available for download and install.

A new package has been made available by XDA developer SamHaLeKe, this package comes to provide all the necessary drivers to connect the Galaxy S, Galaxy SII, S IV and all Samsung Android Phones with the PC.

This new release essentially offers a workaround to help the Samsung device’s users to connect their mobile without the need of Kies software. Note: Kies app is the official application that allows the Samsung device’s users to manage and make different transfer files between the Mobile devices and the Computer using the USB port.

The needs to have a separate USB package of drivers was required by numerous users of Samsung, who have complained about not being able to apply complex operations of their devices such as Root process and flashing different custom ROM or tools or even transfer files to their PCs.

Also, they should know that in order to do such kinds of tasks are necessary to be installed in their PCs’ the Samsung USB drivers pack firstly.

Using the below step by step guide you will not have the need to install the KIES software anymore and only manually install the required drivers for your Samsung device.

The step by step tutorial is provided to teach you how successfully download and install the USB required drivers for all type of Samsung phone device models.

The zip file contains all the Samsung USB Phone drivers is destined for developers, but is a significant possibility and alternative for all users who received issues when tried to connect their Samsung devices with the PCs.

Note: the zip pack should work with all the Samsung devices released since the Samsung Galaxy S days up until the present. (There are USB drivers for phones such as Samsung Galaxy S I9000, S2 I9100, S2 9100G, S3 I9300, S3 I9305, Note N7000, Note 2 N7100 and more.

The present pack work only with Windows OS-based PCs, and the current version of Samsung USB drivers works on both Windows X86 and X64 PC’s architectures.

How download and install the latest Samsung USB Drivers for Mobile Phones on your computer:

  • Firstly, download the Samsung USB Drivers from Here, Here or Here.
  • The first link is from Samsung own website with the latest Samsung USB drivers posted online, the second one is to XDA thread, and the last is from our server.
  • Secondly, uninstall all any previously installed Samsung USB Drivers Mobile phones.
  • Next, restart the Windows-based PC.
  • Now, navigate the location where you previously downloaded the USB drivers pack.
  • Extract/launch its installation.
  • Once the new Samsung USB drivers Mobile Phone have been installed successfully on your PC, reboot the computer once again.
  • After the PC restarts and boots into your user account, connect the Samsung device to your computer using the USB cable.
  • All the USB drivers should now be installed, and you can start using the connection between the Samsung device and your PC.

That’s all in order to download and install the Samsung Mobile Phone USB drivers on your Windows-based PC.

Note: This driver package contains no viruses or malware, the pack is provided as is, and we cannot be responsible or held liable for any data loose or damage your device or graphics card due to incompatibility or improper setup. Download and install these USB drivers only at your own risk.  



  1. Unwired

    September 18, 2013 at 7:36 pm

    AFAIK it’s not from SamHaLeKe but from Samsung.

    Your links are inconsistent, the first one is an old driver version from 2011 (1.3.1500.0), the second one is supposedly Samsung’s latest drivers (why on earth don’t they simply put the link on their page is beyond me), which is today, and the third comes from who knows where, I wouldn’t trust it blindly.

    But your forgot to post the correct link to It is actually here, though it doesn’t seem official, and it’s hosted by a limited number of download trial per hour (and it does fail often):

    Pick your choice… very poor organization from Samsung on this one.

  2. lei ca

    November 9, 2013 at 4:29 pm

    lol the best reply ever!!

  3. Tim

    December 14, 2013 at 8:32 pm

    Agree Unwired – but strange thing driver from first link is version which is the highest version of them all. I haven’t tried this yet but I doubt it will work on its own as stated here. I tried couple of software MOBILedit an Wondershare MobileGo for Android. The first one in February – that one download some USB driver during installation but software is crap ie doesn’t work. Second one Wondershare MobileGo for Android v4.1.1.6 is strange one. It does not download any drivers during installation but when you start for the first time asked for USB drivers. While I was thinking which one from the links to try my luck with Windows was prompting me for locations of driver for ” new hardware found” as i connected my Galaxy S3 via cable. I canceled this several times and went back MobileGo and by some magic my mobile was connected with my laptop. Later on I examined installation folders for MobileGo and there are couple of folders there with Android USB drivers (couple of Mb each ) but they are zipped ???). Anyway Wondershare MobileGo is acting a bit weirdly but i have access to files on my laptop and mobile and moved files between them. I tried also some of other features which are not so many but it was saying that it is in trial mode. I am going to reinstall it and pay attention what is happening and especially when I have drivers installed. Keep us posted if you have other experience

  4. jonathan harker

    August 6, 2014 at 9:53 pm

    fuck you nazi-bastards, only can download toolbars and not Software i Need.

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